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Awarded 42 times for: has more than 80 characters in the information field of the user's profile

Recently awarded to

gravatar for Weetjij Do you know
10 days ago to
201 Park Ave N, New York NY 73301 USA
gravatar for Yassin Mikah
4 weeks ago to
gravatar for saidivyasri7777
4 weeks ago to
gravatar for priya10digi
5 weeks ago to
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
gravatar for Cheap CSGO Accounts
6 weeks ago to
Los Angeles, CA, USA
gravatar for newagesecurities
6 weeks ago to
Acme Praxis Pvt Ltd 304, , RG Square, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi- 110092
gravatar for Kirtityagi097
6 weeks ago to
B-II/29, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Badarpur Border, New Delhi 110044
gravatar for saashita95
7 weeks ago to
New Delhi, India
gravatar for winsometranslators
7 weeks ago to
H.No – 93, 1st floor, Sarai Jullena Opp. Escorts Hospital, Okhla Road, New Delhi- 110025
gravatar for Ashokkumar Basnet
10 weeks ago to
gravatar for Chirag Patil
11 weeks ago to
gravatar for Frustrated engineer
3 months ago to
St francis nstitute of technology
gravatar for Green fieldcity
4 months ago to
Behala, Kolkata
gravatar for anuhephzibah09
7 months ago to
Nigeria, Ogun State
gravatar for Khursheed Chaudhary
10 months ago to
gravatar for anuragsingh07378
11 months ago to
New Delhi
gravatar for Ritika Shenoy
11 months ago to
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
gravatar for Sikander
14 months ago to
gravatar for Clinton Ron
19 months ago to
New Jersey
gravatar for Gaurav Thikrul
22 months ago to
gravatar for stanley s george
22 months ago to
gravatar for Sagar Narkar
23 months ago to
Sagar Narkar1.5k
gravatar for sanjay
24 months ago to
gravatar for Jay Shah
2.0 years ago to
Jay Shah0
gravatar for Aditya Chaudhari
2.0 years ago to
gravatar for Heet Palod
2.0 years ago to
Heet Palod10
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
gravatar for Prof. Ravi sir
2.1 years ago to
Civil Dept. Mumbai
gravatar for Sanjay K
2.1 years ago to
Sanjay K30
gravatar for Sanket Shingote
2.1 years ago to
Sanket Shingote ♦♦ 220
gravatar for Yashbeer
2.1 years ago to
Yashbeer ♦♦ 80
Shahapur, Mumbai

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