Question Paper: Environmental Studies : Question Paper Dec 2013 - First Year Engineering (Semester 1) | Mumbai University (MU)

Environmental Studies - Dec 2013

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Use suitable data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Attempt any five from the following :-

1 (a) With the help of suitable example explain the concept of food-web.(3 marks) 1 (b) Why there is need for sustainable development?(3 marks) 1 (c) Explain briefly causes and effects of Ozone layer depletion.(3 marks) 1 (d) Explain briefly the role played by ministry of Environment and Forest in the conservation of environment.(3 marks) 1 (e) Why more emphasis is given on the development of renewable energy resources?(3 marks) 1 (f) Explain the concept of 'Carbon Credit'.(3 marks) 1 (g) What are the sources and effects of noise pollution?(3 marks) 2 (a) In what way approprite technology can lead to better sustainable development.(5 marks) 2 (b) Draw suitable diagram and explain working of Bag House Filter.(5 marks) 2 (c) What is hydel energy? Explain briefly the process of hydropower generation.(5 marks) 3 (a) How Solid waste management can be carried out by landfilling?(5 marks) 3 (b) Explain briefly the important feature of environmental clearance and authorization mechanism.(5 marks) 3 (c) What role is played by the technology for better human health and environment ?(5 marks) 4 (a) Explain what are the reasons and impact of depleting nature of natural forest resources.(5 marks) 4 (b) What are the important functions and powers of Central Pollution Control Board?(5 marks) 4 (c) Draw rough sketch and explain how electricity can be generated from wind energy.(5 marks) 5 (a) In what way environmental education and awareness can help in sustainable development?(5 marks) 5 (b) Draw rough sketch and explain how flat-plate collector can be useful in tapping solar energy.(5 marks) 5 (c) How E-pollution is caused? What are its adverse effects?(5 marks) 6 (a) How disaster management techniques can be implemented in the event of Tsunami?(5 marks) 6 (b) Explain the global environmental crisis caused on account of growing population.(5 marks) 6 (c) What are the reasons and effects of global Warming?(5 marks)

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