Question Paper: Production Process 2 : Question Paper May 2014 - Mechanical Engineering (Semester 4) | Mumbai University (MU)

Production Process 2 - May 2014

Mechanical Engineering (Semester 4)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data if required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Any five

1(a) Explain shaping machine with neat diagram.(5 marks) 1(b) Differentiate between open loop and closed system in CNC machines.(5 marks) 1(c) Draw two dimensional tool dynamometer and expalin its features. (5 marks) 1(d) Show that in metal cutting Vc =V × rc(5 marks) 1(e) Write a note on lubrication effects of cutting fluids.(5 marks) 1(f) Explain orthogonal rake system in detail.(5 marks) 2(a) Explain the design procedure for a broach tool with help of diagram.(10 marks) 2(b) Write a note on cutting tool materials.(10 marks) 3(a) With the help of neat sketch describe vertical machining centers.(10 marks) 3(b) Derive an expression for optimum speed and life for minimum cost and maximum production rate.Also show that optimum cutting speed for maximum production rate is always more than optimum speed for minimum cost.(10 marks) 4(a) In an orthogonal cutting setup, the depth of cut was 10 mm, feed=1 mm/rev, cutting speed is 60 r.p.m. back rake angle = 100, chip thickness ratio = 0.33, shear stress of material at zero compressive stress = 1000 kg/cm2. Assume that value of constant 'K' in eqauation $2\phi + \beta - \alpha = cot^{-1}K$, is 0.2. Calculate the resultant force, rate of metal removal. Shear strain, H.P at the tool per cubic cm of metal removal/minute. (10 marks) 4(b) Explain milling machines in detail.(10 marks) 5(a) How is gear manufacturing done?Explain in detail.(10 marks) 5(b) Derive the original Merchants theory along with diagram and asuumption.(10 marks) 6(a) Write short notes on
Tool wear.
(5 marks)
6(b) Form tool design.(5 marks) 6(c) G.M codes in C.N.C amchines(5 marks) 6(d) carbide tool inserts.(5 marks)

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