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Question: What are the challenges of IT manager?

Subject: Telecom Network Management

Topic: Overview of Network Management

Difficulty: High

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modified 7 days ago by gravatar for Sanket Shingote Sanket Shingote ♦♦ 210 written 12 months ago by gravatar for Tabassum Tabassum20

Perspectives of Network Managers:

They face network administration and management problems day in and day out. These are the folks who carry a cell phone with them all the time since most corporate networks run 24/7—i.e., available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The questions that were posed, with a summary of the answers edited for the current slams of IT, follow.

  • People expect a network to function like a telephone network.

  • Reliability in a data network as in a telephone is unrealizable. The telephone network was monopolistic and had expensive redundancy. The data network is ad hoc, decentralized, has loosely specified interfaces, and has dynamic routing. Thus, it is a lot more flexible than the telephone network though less reliable.

  • Designing, deploying, and managing networks that can handle real-time and non-real-time data.

  • Integration of multivendor and multi technology equipment and their network management systems.

1) Top challenging activities in managing the network:

• Rapid advance of technology

• Problem analysis—needs human intuition and skill besides sophisticated management tools

• Anticipate customer demands

• Acquire and retain human resources

• Manage client–server environment in converged networks

• Networking with emerging technology necessitates the need for continuing education

• Collaborative research between academic institutions and industry

• Maintain reliability, that is, make changes, upgrades, etc. without disrupting the network and impacting business

• Diagnose problems or outages in a non-disruptive manner (without impacting other users on the network)

• Estimate the value of a technology transition

2) Elements for which managing network require most of your time:

• A 30-80% growth, 20-70% maintenance based on the organization

• Configuring the management system itself takes most of the time

• Expanding the network

• Gathering and analyzing statistics for upper management review to conduct business

3) Managing network without an NMS:

• Reactively, not proactively; firefighting

• Troubleshooting tools, e.g., sniffer, ping, etc

• Home-grown systems using an open source, e.g., Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)

• Rely on consultant advice and technical information for growth decisions

4) Problems expected the NMS to resolve:

• Enhance customer satisfaction by meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

• Save time and people resource and thus enhance productivity

• Turn-around shorter for resolution of problems

• Gather statistics and predict trends for planning purposes

• Document events, Troubleshooting

• Remove constraints and bottlenecks, Fault isolation

• Expect the NMS to do a root cause analysis and pinpoint failures

For further read refer (What are challenges faced by networks managers while managing a network?) asked in May 2015

modified 12 months ago  • written 12 months ago by gravatar for Tabassum Tabassum20
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