Question Paper: Intelligent Systems : Question Paper Dec 2016 - Information Technology (Semester 7) | Mumbai University (MU)

Intelligent Systems - Dec 2016

Information Technology (Semester 7)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data if required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

1(a) Solve the given puzzle using crypt arithmatic method.
(5 marks) 00

1(b) Apply uniform cost search Algorithm on given graph.
(5 marks) 00

1(c) Explain the limitation of propositional logic with suitable example.
(5 marks) 00

1(d) Write a note on Expert system shell.
(5 marks) 1592

2(a) Consider the examples.
i) If Triangle is equilateral then it is isosceles.
ii) If Triangle is Isosceles then two sides 'A' and 'B' are equal.
iii) If 'AB' and 'AC' are equal then Angel 'B' and 'C' are equal.
iv) ABC is an equilateral Triangle. Prove the angle 'B' is equal to angle 'C' using inferencing techniques of modus ponen and Resolution.
(10 marks) 00

2(b) Give the comparative analysis of BFS,
DFS, Interactive deeping and Bidirectional search strategesn with respect to Time complexity,
Space complexity,
Optimatily and Completeness.
(5 marks) 1541

2(c) Explain model based Reflex Agent with block diagram.
(5 marks) 1605

3(a) Consider a Knowledge base KB that contain following propositional logic sentenced.
Q ⇒P
i) Construct a truth table that shows the truth value of each sentence in KB and indicate the model in which KB is true.
ii) Does KB entail R? Use definition of entailment to justify your answer.
iii) Does KB R⇒¬P entail? Extend the truth table and use the difinition of entailment to justify your answer.
iv) Does KB Q⇒¬R entail ? Extend the truth table and use the difinition of entailment to justify your answer.
(5 marks) 00

3(b) What is heuristic function? How we can consider heuristic value in 8-puzzle probelm explain?
(5 marks) 00

3(c) Explain PEAS descriptor for Part picking robot and medical dignosis system.
(5 marks) 00

4(a) You have two nighbour, John and Mary, who have promised to call you at work when they hear the alaram. John always calls when he hears the alarm, but sometimes confuses the telephones ringing with the alarm and calls then, too. Mary on other hand, likes rather loud music and some times misses the alarm altogether. Given the evidence of who has or has not called. We would like to estimate the probability of a burglary. Draw a Bayesian network for thhis domain with suitable probability table.
(10 marks) 00

4(b) What is statistiability? Explain with suitable example.
(5 marks) 00

4(c) Draw and Explain the Export system Architecture.
(5 marks) 1590

5(a) Consider the given Game Tree. Apply the Aplpha-Beta prunning algorithm and decide, what is to be the next best move? (Δ-max mode, ∇
(10 marks) 00

5(b) Write prolog program for generating Fibonacci series.
(5 marks) 00

5(c) Write a note on conditional probability and its role in AI.
(5 marks) 1573

6(a) Measures3 and 4 liters of milk when jug of size 7 and r are available.
(5 marks) 00

6(b) Formulate state space search problem for vaccume world cleaner.
(5 marks) 00

6(c) What is Ontology? Explain with real world example.
(5 marks) 00

6(d) What do you mean by Quartifier and its types? Explain with example.
(5 marks) 00

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