Question Paper: Industrial Engineering & Management : Question Paper Dec 2014 - Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8) | Mumbai University (MU)

Industrial Engineering & Management - Dec 2014

Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Write short notes on the following (any 4):-

1 (a) KANBAN(5 marks) 1 (b) Major types of layouts in the manufacturing setup(5 marks) 1 (c) Job selection in work study(5 marks) 1 (d) Ergonomics(5 marks) 1 (e) Therbligs and its application(5 marks) 1 (f) Value Engineering.(5 marks)

Write a short note on

2 (a) Work study and its application(10 marks) 2 (b) Tools for SQC(10 marks)

Explain in detail

3 (a) JIT philosophy(10 marks) 3 (b) Evolution and architecture of ERP(10 marks)

Explain the following management philosophies in tandem

4 (a) LEAN and WASTE MANAGEMENT(10 marks) 4 (b) TQM and BPR(10 marks)

Discuss the following

5 (a) Need for computer in industrial engineering(10 marks) 5 (b) Implementation of ERP(10 marks)

Elaborate the procedure for the following

6 (a) Selection of Control Chart for variable and attribute type of data(10 marks) 6 (b) Method Study(10 marks)

Comment on the following (any four):-

7 (a) Histogram and its application(5 marks) 7 (b) Modules in ERP(5 marks) 7 (c) MRP-I and MRP-II(5 marks) 7 (d) Cost of Quality(5 marks) 7 (e) Process capability.(5 marks) 7 (f) Productivity(5 marks)

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