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Industrial Engineering & Management - Dec 2013

Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1(a) Write short notes on the following (Any four)
Symptons of bad layout
(5 marks)
1(b) JIT.(5 marks) 1(c) Functional Analysis system Techniques in value Engineering(5 marks) 1(d) Waste management(5 marks) 1(e) Type I and Type II error(5 marks) 2(a) While manufacturing a part, a certain quality characteristics is measured and X and F value are computed.Following are the detail $$\Sigma \bar{X}=100 lan \Sigma R =1.6$$ subgroup size is = 5,there are 25 subgroup are 25 subgroup.if the specification limits are 4000±08and if the process is in statistical control,calculate
Process capability
Control limit on $$\bar{X}$$ and R charts
Cp and Cpk values
Comment on the process a part within specifications.
(10 marks)
2(b) What is plant layout? Discuss different type of plant layouts.(10 marks) 3(a) What is Industrial Engineering? Write objectives and scope of industrial engineering. Also explain the role of industrial Engineer in manufacturing industry.(10 marks) 3(b) Write the principle of value Engineering(5 marks) 3(c) Define the following terms:
Producer's risk
Consumer's risk
Average outgoing quality.
(5 marks)
4(a) A work sampling study was conducted to establish standard time for an operation.The observation of study conducted is given below:
Total no.of observation 160
Manual (Hand controlled work)observation=14
machine controlled work observation 106
Machine Idle time observation=40
Average performance rating 85%
No.of parts produced-40
Allowance for personal need and fatigue-10%
Study conducted for three hours
Available working hours/day-8hours
Calculate standard time.
(10 marks)
4(b) Define method study.What are its objectives?Also explain factors to be considered while selecting job for method study.(10 marks) 5(a) Discuss various modulus of ERP and also its overview.(10 marks) 5(b) Discuss various elements of ERP will you justify the ERP terms of cost,tangible and intangible benefits?(10 marks)

Any four

6(a) Attempts any four of the following
Evolution of ERP
(5 marks)
6(b) Business process Re-engineering(5 marks) 6(c) Therblings(5 marks) 6(d) Line Balancing(5 marks) 6(e) Cost of quality.(5 marks) 7(a) Define work measurement. Also write use of work measurements and list techniques of work measurements.(10 marks) 7(b) Define TQM. Explain elements of TQM(10 marks)

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