Question: Give difference between Waterfall & Prototype Model.

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Each life cycle is divided into phases where specific objectives are to be met.

Both models have an objective to reduce the development and maintenance cost.

Both models are suitable for short-term program or short-life span system.


Waterfall Model:-

Client can only preview the system only after the final version of the software is developed because there is no feed back loop.

Developers encounter a freezing requirement where they are not allow to modify the requirements or specification of the previous phase until the next iteration.

The complexity of an error increases because of the nature of the model; each phase is sequential of the other.

This model is easy to understand.

Complete program analysis.

Prototype Model:-

Client have a preview of the system from the "quick design" and the prototype developed early at the of the process.

Developers can refine or add requirements and specification to the system after the prototype is built.

The complexity of an error is low because the prototype enables the developer to detect any deficiency early at the process.

This model is not easy to understand.

Incomplete program Analysis.

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