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Question: Calculate $g_m$ and $r_0$

Subject: Electronic Devices and Circuits II

Topic: Introduction to MOSFET

Difficulty: High

For the common gate circuit shown in figure the NMOS transistor parameters are $V_{TN} = 1V, K_n = 1mA/V^2, \lambda = 0$ ,IDQ = 1.2 mA

i) Determine $V_{GSQ}$

ii) Calculate $g_m$ and $r_0$

iii) Determine Vo if Vin = 100 sin wt mVolts.

edc2(34) • 81 views
modified 6 days ago  • written 3 months ago by gravatar for Amruta Padhye Amruta Padhye10

enter image description here

enter image description here

written 6 days ago by gravatar for Amruta Padhye Amruta Padhye10
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