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Technical English 1 - May 2014

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)


1 Match the column A with their meaning given under column B

Column A Column B
Affect Occurring at regular intervals
Periodic Lack of energy


Lassitude Gracefully thin

(2 marks) 10 Using the following phrases, make sentences of your own :
(a) Owing to
(b) In summary
(2 marks)
11 (i) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Memory is an abstraction referring to a set of skills rather than to an object. Memory is generally viewed as consisting of three stage : (a) Acquisition refers to learning the material; (b) Storage refers to keeping the material in the brain until it is needed; and (c) Retrieval refers to getting the material back out when it is needed. These three stages may be viewed as the 3 R's of Remembering: Recording, Retaining and Retrieving. We cannot do much about retrieval directly; but since retrieval is a function of recording, we can improve it by improving our methods of recording.
Memory consists of at least two different processes: short-term memory and long-term memory Short term memory has a limited capacity and a rapid forgetting rate. Its capacity can be increased by chunking or grouping separate bits of information into larger chunks. Long-term memory has a virtually unlimited capacity. Short-term memory and long term memory also differ in several other ways.
One measure of memory is recall, which requires you to produce information by searching the memory for it. In aided recall, you are given cues to help you produce the information. In free-recall learning, you recall the material in any order; and in paired-associate learning you can learn pair of words so that when the first word is given, you can recall the second word. A second measure of memory is recognition, in which you do not have to produce the information from memory, but must be able to identify it when it is presented to you. In a third measure of memory, relearning, the difference between how long it took to learn the material the first time and how long it takes to learn it again indicates how much you remember. Relearning is generally a more sensitive measure of memory than is recognition, in the sense of showing retention where recognition does not; recognition is generally a more sensitive measure than recall.
Some material may be remembered in visual from (pictures), and other material may be remembered in verbal from (words). Visual images are easier to remember than words alone, leading some researchers to suggest that we should try to use visual images as much as possible in memory.
There are several explanations why we forget Passive-decay theory says that learning causes a physical 'trace' in the brain that decays with time, Repression theory says that we purposely push unpleasant or unacceptable memories into our unconscious mind. Systematic-distortion theory says that our memories may be distorted by our values and interests, to be consistent with how we want the memories to be or how we think they should be. Interference theory says that forgetting is due to problems in retrieving the information and that we can remember almost anything if given the right cues.

(i) State whether the following statements are true or false:
(1) The word memory refers to a set of feelings
(2) Retrieval means getting the material back whenever needed
(3) In free recall learning, the material is recalled in any random order
(4) In aided recall, help is provided in the form of materials
(5) Measures of memory include short-time memory and long-term memory
(6) When compared to words, images are easier to remember
(6 marks)
11 (ii) For the questions given below, choose the best alternative from the options given below:
(1) The word memory refers to
(A) a set of feelings
(B) a set of abstraction
(c) a set of things
(D) a set of skills
(6 marks)
11 (ii) (2) Which of the following is NOT mentioned about retrieving?
(a) Retrieval means getting the material back whenever needed
(b) We cannot directly influence the process of retrieving
(c) Retrieval is function of recording
(d) The retrieval stage is considered to be problematic
(6 marks)
11 (ii) (3) Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Compared to words alone, visual images are easier to remember
(B) Compared to recall, recognition is more sensitive a measure of memory
(C) In free recall learning, the material is recalled in any random order
(D) All of the above
(6 marks)
11 (ii) (4) According to the interference theory,
(a) One forgets when one has a lot of problems
(b) Memories fade with time
(c) Retrieval is full of problems
(d) If we are given right cues, one can remember anything
(6 marks)
11 (ii) (5) Which of the following is NOT MENTIONED in the passage as a reason for forgetting?
(a) The physical traces caused in the brain due learning decay with time
(b) Unacceptable and unpleasant memories are pushed into our unconscious mind
(c) Our values and memories distort memory
(d) Memory consists of three stages
(6 marks)
11 (ii) (6) The three measures of the memory include
(A) Long-term memory, middle term and short-term memory
(B) Acquisition, storage and retrieval
(c) Recall and retrieval
(D) None of the above
(6 marks)
11 (iii) From the options given below, choose the best fit for the given word:
(1) Identify
(A) separate
(B) recognize
(C) join
(D) set aside
(1 marks)
11 (iii)(2) Cue:
(A) clue
(B) memory
(C) marks
(D) problems
(1 marks)
11 (iii)(3) Virtual
(A) having the appearance of real
(B) temporary
(C) almost fast
(D) almost gone
(1 marks)
11 (iii)(4) Distorted
(A) change of shape
(B) reduce
(C) magnify
(D) exaggerate
(1 marks)

Answer the question from Q. 12(a) and Q.12(b)

12 (a) Write a set of six instructions that should be followed to change a car wheel.(16 marks) 12 (b) Write a set of eight instructions to maintain computers in good condition.(16 marks)

Answer the question from Q. 13(a) and Q.13(b)

13 (a) Write a letter to the MD of LG Electronics, seeking permission to undergo a project work in his company. State why you chose the company.(16 marks) 13 (b) Write a letter to the local newspaper editor, expressing your unhappiness towards the expansion of your local airport. In your letter
(i) Explain where you live
(ii) Describe the problem
Give reasons why you do not want the development.
(16 marks)

Answer the question from Q. 14(a) and Q.14(b)

14 (a) Write a paragraph in about 200 words analysing the strengths and weakness of the current Indian cricket team and its prospects of winning the world cup.(16 marks) 14 (b) Write a paragraph in about 200 words on the merits and demerits of living in a big city.(16 marks)

answer the question from Q. 15(a) and Q.15(b)

15 Given below are two passages. Convert one of them into a flowchart:

(a) The process of tattoo-making:
The body art of tattooing mainly involves the procedure of injecting one or more pigments into the dermis, the layer of connective tissue that lies just below the epidermis. After the pigment is injected into the skin the immune system's phagocytes get activated in the epidermis and upper dermis, swallowing up to the pigment particles. The result is that the pigment goes down, throughout a homogenized damaged layer. As the particular body part undergoes healing process, the damaged epidermis starts flaking away.
With the flaking of epidermis, the pigment on the surface of the skin starts fading away. However, the deeper layers of skin experience the formation of granulation tissue. In time, owing to collagen growth, they get converted into connective tissues, mending the upper dermis. Since the upper dermis has pigment trapped within fibroblasts, its healing leads to the pigment in the layer just below the dermis/epidermis boundary. Soon, the pigment becomes stable and with the passing time, engrains pigment deeper into the dermis, forming the tattoo.

(16 marks) 15 (b)

The cement manufacturing process beings when limestone, the basic raw material used to make cement, is transported by rail to the Edmonton plant from the Cadomin limestone quarry 220 kilometres west of Edmonton. The limestone is combined with clay, ground in a crusher and fed into the additive soils, sand, iron and bottom ash are then combined with the limestone and clay in a carefully controlled mixture which is ground into a fine powder in 2000 hp roller mill. Next, the fine powder is heated as it passes through the Pre-Heater Tower into a large kiln, which is over half the length of a football field and 4.2 meters in diameter. In the kiln, the powder is heated to 1500 degrees Celsius. This creates a new product, called clinker, which resembles pellets about the size of marbles. The clinker is combined with small amounts of gypsum and limestone and finely ground in a finishing mill. The mill is a large revolving cylinder containing 250 tonnes of steel balls that is driven by a 4000 hp motor. The finished cement is ground so fine that it can pass through a sieve that will hold water. The cement manufacturing process consists of many simultaneous and continuous operations using some of the largest moving machinery in manufacturing. Over 5000 sensors and 50 computers allow the entire operation to be controlled by a single operator from a central control room.

(16 marks) 2 Convert the following into passive voice:
(a) The lawyers document the records carefully.
(b) We cannot twist and bend certain metals to the desired shapes.
(2 marks)
3 Give the opposites of the following words, using appropriate prefixes:

(a) __________ reparable (b) __________ ability
(c) __________ permeable (d) __________ proportionate

(2 marks)
4 Fill in the blanks with suitable verb forms:

Hindi film industry, popularly __________ (know) as bollywood set up Hindi cinema against Hollywood movies. Bollywood films __________ (juggle) several genres and __________ (contain) whole range of emotions, but as Amitabh says, "these films __________ (provide) poetic justice in just three hours, a feat that none of us can achieve in lifetime!"

(2 marks)
5 Expand the following compound nouns:
(a) A round-headed rivet
(b) A steel jar
(2 marks)
6 Correct the following sentences as per the rule of concord:
(a) The trousers is in the cupboard.
(b) Your appearance as well as personality are against you.
(c) Apple is in the fridge.
(d) None of them have turned up for the party.
(2 marks)
7 Complete the following sentences using various patterns of conditionals:
(a) If a lubricant is used, the engine __________ (not get) overheated.
(b) If the precautionary steps had taken, the accident __________ (avoid).
(c) I would have enjoyed the party much better __________.
(d) If I meet him again, __________.
(2 marks)
8 Correct the mistakes in spelling in the following words:
(a) Superintenendent
(b) Reverrberrate
(c) Tommorrow
(d) Transsfer
(2 marks)
9 Define any Two of the following :
(a) A calculator
(b) An ammeter
(c) A hammer
(d) A Computer Programme
(2 marks)

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