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Technical English 1 - Dec 2013

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)


1 (a) Choose the most suitable option of the four given alternative ,to fill in the blanks in the following sentences:
The robot cannot be used as a ________for the live teacher in the classroom
(2 marks)
1 (b) The enormous ______for power and the shortage of fosil fuels ha driven us to look alternative
query <requisition></requisition>
(2 marks)
1 (c) There had been major chnages observed in the ______taken by the seismic moniteirng machine in the few hours before the earhquake
(2 marks)
1 (d) The astronuts made extensive notes of their _____ in their planetary mission
(2 marks)
10 Complete with the correct question words:
______much does the project budget come up to? Over rs.2lackh
______is the library?Right across the road
the Entire college looks festive ______is coming as the chief guest? The prime minister himself.
____does this word mean ?Sorrry .I've never heard of it.
(2 marks)
11 (i) (1) Answer both subdivision (i) and (ii).
Read the passage and answer the question given below: Throughout history ,there have been instances in which people have been unwilling to accept new theories ,depite starting evidence .this the earth was not the centre of the universe.
Until the early 16th century western thinkers belived theroy put forward by ptolemy ,An Egyption living in alexandria about 150AD.His theroy ,Which was formulated by gathering and diganzing the thoughts of the earlier thinkers ,proposed that the universe was a closed space bounded by a spherical envolped beyound which there was nothing The Earth according to Ptolemy Was a fixed and immobile mass,located at the center of the universe .the sun and the stars,revolved around it.
the theroy appealed to human nature .Someone making casual observation as they lokked into the sky miant come to a similar conclision .it also fed the human ego.Human could belive that they were at the center of god's universe and the sun and stars were created for their benefits
Ptolemy's theory was of course ,incorrect but at the time nobody contested iit.European astronomers were more inclined to save face .Insted of proposing new ideas ,they attempted to patch up and refine Sphere which had been written two hundred years previously .In short astrnomy failed to advance
in 1530 ,however ,milkon Kopernik more commonly known as copernius made an assertion which shoo the world .He proposed that the earth turned on its axis once per day and travelled around the sun once per year .Even when he made his discovery he was reluent to make it public ,knowing how much his shocking reveliation would disturb the church However George Rheticus a German mathmatics professor who had become Corpernicus a perfectionist was never satisfied that his observation were complete
Copericus ideas went against all the political and religious belifs of the type.Human ,it was belive ,Were made in God's image and were superior to all creatures .The natural world had been created for humans to exploit.copernious theroies contradicted the ideas of all the powerful churchman of the time .Even the famous playeright william shakespears fered the new theroy .pronouncing that it would destroy social order and bring chaos to the world .However ,Copernicus never had to suffer at the hands of those who disagreed with his theories .He died just after the work was published in 1543.
However,the scientist who followed in copernicus's footsteps bore the brunt church's anger.Two other Italian scientist of the time Galileo and Bruno,agreed Wholeheartedly with the copernicans theroy.Bruno even dared to say that space was endless and contained many other suns ,each with its own planets.for this bruno was sentenced to death by burning in 1600.Galibo famous for his belief in the copernican theroies escaped capital punishment ,but was imprisoned for the rest of his life
In time however ,Copernicus work became more accepted subseqent scientists and mathmaticians such tas Brabe ,Keneral and newton took copernicus work as a startinng point used it to glaen further truths about the laws of celestial mechnaics
The most important aspect of Copernicus work is that it forever changed the place of man in the cosmos.With copernicus work ,man could no longer take that premier position which the theotogies had immodestly assigned him.this was the first ,but cettsnial not the last time in which man would have to accept his position as a there part of the universe ,not at the center of it.
Select the correct responce for the following question based passage
(1) Ptolemy's model of the universe was based on
casual observation of the night sky and the celestial bodies
religious and political belifs of the time
illeas of earlier thinkers
Laws of celestial mechnaism
(1 marks)
11 (i) (2) Ptolemy theroy "fed human ego"this means
People felt proud to play God
People felt proud to be the center of the universe and superior to all creature (c) People felt of their astronomical achivements (d) people felt proud of the social order
(1 marks)
11 (i) (3) Copernicus published his observation only beacause
His student persuaded him to publish them
He wanted to shock and disturb the church
He was sure that his observation were complete and accerte life for his beliefs?
(1 marks)
11 (i) (4) According to the passsage which of the following scientist lost life for his beliefs?
(1 marks)
11 (i) (5) Who among the following feared copernicus theroy
(1 marks)
11 (i) (6) What does the pharse bore the brust mean?
Suffer burns
Suffer from pages guilt
Suffer capital punishment
Suffer must to the impact
(1 marks)
11 (i) (7) What do you from the paragraph of the passage?
the Human being are reluctant to accept new ideas
That human being are advventurous in nature
That human being are scientific in their approches to the truth
That human beings are difficult to convince
(1 marks)
11 (i) (8) What according to the passage is Copernicus most important centribution to knowledge?
The sun is the center around which the planets revolve
The human race is only a tiny part of the universe
The earth rotates around its own axis
The universe was created only for man's convention
(1 marks)
11 (ii) (1) Study the following poster and answer the question given below in one or two sentence:

Fact:Rhino horn NOT a remedy for fever ,pain ,arthtis,convulsion or any other medical condition.Rhino hern does not cure deviil possession -and it is not an aphordisiac
Yet these superstition are behind a thriving ilegal market inrhio horn-and have made rhino one of the world most endangered species.
Plese share the truth about rhing horn and help stop the illegal slaughter of rhinos ......before its too later
Learn more at saving ,rhinos .org
1) What is the objective of this poster (2 marks) 11 (ii) (2) What according to the poster are the reson for rhino becoming an endergered species?(2 marks) 11 (ii) (3) What does the pharse "before its too late"mean"(2 marks) 11 (ii) (4) What other measure do you think can be taken to save the animals(2 marks)

answer the question from Q. 12(a) and Q.12(b)

12 (a) Your younger brother /sister wants to open an account in facebook.Write a set of eight instructon to avoid the problems and dangers or facebook and to use it effectively(16 marks) 12 (b) The mosquito meance has increased nowadays and diseases dengue and malaria are spreading. Write a set of eight recommendation tot fight these problems.(16 marks)

answer the question from Q. 13(a) and Q.13(b)

13 (a) The following chart and graph show the global usage of freshwater in the year 2012 and the projected increse of freshwater usage in the next decade.Write a paragraph based on the detail found in the charts ----- (16 marks) 13 (b) The table given below shows the trend of motor vehichles in chennai city Write a paragraph interpreting the detail found in the table:
Growth trend of vehicles in chennai

year Total registered vehciles


1986 2,28,000
1991 5,44,000
1996 8,12,000
1998 9,75,000
2012 3,760,000

(16 marks)

answer the question from Q. 14(a) and Q.14(b)

14 (a) You were chosen to represent your college in a national sports event in delhi.Write a letter to your friend about your experience of travelling to delhi with you term your stay there ,your particiption and performance in the sports event .etc(16 marks) 14 (b) You recently wanted a film in regional lnaguage (not in English )Write a letter to you friend who is intrested in movies but who does not know that language about the film ,the story the actor etc.In your letter ,discuss both the strengh and weakness of that film.(16 marks)

answer the question from Q. 15(a) and Q.15(b)

15 (a) communication skill are a must in the competaive world we live in (write an eassy not exceeding 300 words discussing the important of communication skill in the present day world and the ways to improve these skill(16 marks) 15 (b) Of late road accidents have been increasing in urban areas and more people are finding the roads difficult to use.Write an eassy not Exceding 300 words on road safety in big cities(16 marks) 2 Fill in the blanks with the approprite forms of the words given:

Verb Noun Adjective

(2 marks) 3 Fill in the blanks with suitable compund nounts nouns forming them from the expanded forms given in beackets:
sir Ronald Ross is remembered for his work on______(parasites which cause Malaria).He made his____(discovery that proved to be a landmark)While dissecting the _______(tissue from the stomach )of an anophelpline mosquito.He was able to prove his theory about the _____(transmission of the disease)through this experiment
(2 marks)
4 Define any two of the following terms:
(2 marks)
5 Fill in the blanks in the passage below with impertive verbs choosing from the list given.
______a bowl with water ._______a piece of tissue paper about half the size of a rupee note.Gently drop the tissue flat onto the surface of the water .Gently _____a dry paper clip on the tissue ,without touching the water or the tissue.Now ____the tissue (not the paper clip)using the blunt end of a pencil till the sinks leaving the paper clip floating?
(2 marks)
6 Rewrite the following paragrph changing the tense of the undertaken verbs from the past tense to the future.
Vincy <u>was going</u> to rio ,for the oypics .She <u>was competing </u>in the marathon which <u>was </u>just over 26 miles long.She <u>did</u>her best to achive her goal of winning the gold medal.
(2 marks)
7 The following sentences give step by step instruction to send an email attachment but they are not in order .With the help of the sequencing words rearrange them in the correct order:
You should then look for an icon in your email toolbar which looks like a paper clip and click on it
A "browse window will open on clicking on this icon .Now you can locate and select the file you would like to attach and click on it.The file will then be attached to the email
Finally you can on send to send the email
First you should create a neew email message and enter the detail of the recipient address,subject and the message would like to send
(2 marks)
8 Rewrite the following short conversation in the form of a reported speech:
prakash :Sir its remarkable plan.How do you plan yours zero carbon city?
Our city will soon run entirly on renewable energy .Since we have a hot climate for almost nine month we have solar panels to trap the sun's heat
(2 marks)
9 Complete the given cause effect statement from the information given in the following box:

Swany was in his backyard climbing a tree .He Climbed to the middle part of the tree

and accidentally hit a behaviur.Before he know what had happened ,hence were swarming all

rond and over him .Swammy let out a scream

The bees stung swany since______
Swamy seremed beacause_____
(2 marks)

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