Question: Short note on benchmarking current indexing status

Subject: Advanced Internet Technology

Topic: Search Engine Optimazation

Difficulty: High

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  • Web Indexing is collection , parsing and storing of data for the purpose of retrieval of data smoothly and accurately.
  • Web indexing is created to retrieve web pages on the internet.
  • The popular search engine emphasizes on full text indexing of documents available on the web.
  • The size of site is also matters for indexing it is not necessary that for a very big site all pages should be included in indexing.
  • Some of major index designing factors :

1. Merging Factors:- it include how the data gets entered into the index and whether it is for updating old content or for inserting new content.

2. Storage Techniques:- it focus on whether information is filtered or compressed.

3. Index size:- This factors decides the amount of computer storage required to support the index.

4. Lookup Speed:- how speedily a word can be determined in an inverted index. The speed of finding a entry, quick updation, or deletion in database is of prime importance.

5. Maintenance:- how much index is maintained over the period of time.

written 10 months ago by gravatar for yamini_patil_28 yamini_patil_28660
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