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Question: Short note on benchmarking current traffic sources and volumes

Subject: Advanced Internet Technology

Topic: Search Engine Optimazation

Difficulty: Medium

ait(26) • 143 views
modified 3 months ago  • written 4 months ago by gravatar for yamini_patil_28 yamini_patil_2810
  • The SEO practitioners always focus on increasing the volume of relevant traffic to the site.
  • This is more important objectives if SEO then ranking and linking because more relevant traffic get more revenue for the business.
  • The different ways that can be used to improve the website rankings are as follow:

1. Publish relevant content.

  • The quality content of your website can increases site traffic and further improves your authority and importance.
  • While creating content or preparing for content always keep in mind that all we are doing it for user not for the search engine.

2. Update your content regularly.

  • The upgradation of content keeps the content fresh, relevant and thus enhances the significance of your website.
  • The visitors always visit site that provide updated content.

3. Metadata.

  • Metadata is the data that you are providing on your website.
  • Title Metadata:-Responsible for the web titles
  • Description Metadata:-Referred to textual information that returned by browser in response to your search. Brief and interesting description can attract customers
  • Keyword Metadata

4. create a link worthy site.

  • Make Use of anchor text instead of using "click here" for the target location.

5. Use alt tags

  • The alt tag enables search engine to read your web page.
modified 3 months ago  • written 3 months ago by gravatar for yamini_patil_28 yamini_patil_2810
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