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Question: What is ASN.1.

Subject: Telecom Network Management

Topic: Telecommunication management network

Difficulty: low

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modified 6 days ago by gravatar for sanjeebb08 sanjeebb080 written 7 days ago by gravatar for stanzaa37 stanzaa370

i. ASN.1 is more than just syntax. It is a formal language developed for use with application layers for data transfer between systems.

ii. It is also applicable within the system for clearly separating the abstract syntax and the transfer syntax at the presentation layer.

iii. We define abstract syntax as the set of rules used to specify data types and structures for storage of information. Transfer syntax represents the set of rules for communicating information between systems.

iv. Thus, abstract syntax would be applicable to the information model and transfer syntax to the communication model. The abstract syntax can be used with any presentation syntax, depending on the medium of presentation.

v. The abstract syntax in ASN.I makes it independent of the lower-layer protocols. The algorithm to convert the textual ASN.I syntax to machine-readable code is called bask encoding rides (BER).

vi. The relationship between ASN.1 and BER parallels that of source code and machine code.

vii. ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) Used to define the format of SNMP messages and managed objects (MIB modules) using an unambiguous data description format

ASN.1 Data Types Basic Types: Boolean, Integer, Bitstring, Octet string, Null, Object identifier Real, Enumerated, NumericString, PrintableString, IA5String, UTCTime, GeneralizedTime, CharacterString

Constructed Types: (a) CHOICE (b) SEQUENCE, SEQUENCE OF (c) SET, SET OF

written 6 days ago by gravatar for sanjeebb08 sanjeebb080
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