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Question: Explain all CMISE services in following categories: (i) Management association services (ii) Management notification services

Subject: Telecom Network Management

Topic: OSI Network Management

Difficulty: High

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modified 7 days ago by gravatar for Sanket Shingote Sanket Shingote ♦♦ 210 written 23 months ago by gravatar for Ramnath Ramnath2.5k

The Common Management Information Service (CMIS) is the service interface specified in ITU. It defines the service interface that is implemented by the Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) as specified in ITU-T Recommendation.

The OSI CMISE management services are presented in figure1.

enter image description here

  Fig: OSI CMISE management services

Management operation services:

  • M-CREATE – Create an instance of a managed object
  • M-DELETE – Delete an instance of a managed object
  • M-GET – Request managed object attributes (for one object or a set of objects)
  • M-CANCEL-GET – Cancel an outstanding GET request
  • M-SET – Set managed object attributes
  • M-ACTION – Request an action to be performed on a managed object

Management notification services:


Management association services:

  • M-ABORT enter image description here

The specific services provided by CMIS are called common management information service elements (CMISEs). These service elements fall into three categories:

  • Management association services

  • Management notification services

  • Management operation cervices

    Management Association Services:

    i) To transfer management information between open systems using CMIS/CMIP, peer connections, i.e. associations, must be established. This requires the establishment of an Application layer association, a Session layer connection, a Transport layer connection, and, depending on supporting communications technology, Network layer and Link layer connections.

    ii) CMIS initially defined management association services but it was later decided these services could be provided by ACSE and these services were removed.

    iii) Management association services establish application associations to allow CMIS users to communicate.

    iv) CMIS includes three association service elements.

    • M-INITIALIZE is used to establish an association with a peer CMISE service.
    • M-TERMINATE is used to obtain normal termination of an association. Terminates an established connection
    • M-ABORT is used to obtain an abrupt release from an association. Terminates the association in the case of an abnormal connection termination

    Management Notification Services:

    Management notification services are used to convey notifications of managed object events. M-EVENT-REPORT is used to report managed object events to a service user. A report can be about any event the CMISE user chooses to collect and includes a time stamp of the occurrence. It sends events occurring on managed objects.

    Management Operation Services:

    Management operation services include six services used to convey management information about system operations to a CMISE user.

    • M-GET: M-GET requests the retrieval of management information from a peer CMISE user.

    • M-CANCEL-GET: M-CANCEL-GET requests cancellation of a previous M-GET request.

    • M-SET requests the modification of specific attribute values of a managed object

    • M-ACTION: M-ACTION requests another user to perform an action on a man-aged object.

    • M-CREATE: M-CREATE requests another user to create a representation of an instance of a managed object and the associated management information values.

    • M-DELETE: M-DELETE requests a peer user to delete an instance of a managed object (the opposite of M-CREATE).

written 23 months ago by gravatar for Ramnath Ramnath2.5k
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