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Question: What is Netiquette? List two dos and donts of the same.

Subject: Communication Skills

Topic: Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabled communication media

Difficulty: Medium

cos(82) • 109 views
modified 11 weeks ago by gravatar for geetha.g1709 geetha.g17090 written 3 months ago by gravatar for awari.swati831 awari.swati831160

Netiquette is the good etiquette to be followed while using email. Two of the Do's and Don'ts of email etiquette are as follows: Do's: 1. Include a clear, direct subject line. 2. Use a professional email address.

Don'ts: 1. Do not use BCC (Blind Carbon copy) in official emails. 2. Refrain from discussing confidential information over an email.

written 11 weeks ago by gravatar for geetha.g1709 geetha.g17090
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