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Question: Explain various types of Blogs.

Subject: Communication Skills

Topic: Information Communication Technology (ICT) enabled communication media

Difficulty: Medium

cos(82) • 112 views
modified 10 weeks ago by gravatar for geetha.g1709 geetha.g17090 written 3 months ago by gravatar for awari.swati831 awari.swati831160

Define Blog (refer previous question). Blogs are of various types a) personal Blog - an ongoing diary or commentary written by an individual. b) Collaborative or group blog - Posts are written and published by more than one individual. c) Micro blogging- Features very short posts along with other digital content like photographs, videos etc. d) Corporate and Organizational Blog- Used for business or not-for-profit organization or government purposes.

written 10 weeks ago by gravatar for geetha.g1709 geetha.g17090
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