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Question: State and explain in brief How is the multi-pulse excitation coder superior to the CELP coder?

Subject: Speech Processing

Topic: LPC and Parametric Speech Coding

Difficulty: Medium

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modified 5 months ago by gravatar for Manan Bothra Manan Bothra0 written 6 months ago by gravatar for awari.swati831 awari.swati831140

(i) To determine the position and amplitude of the impulse, we start with some knowledge of pitch period and simulate the parameters.

(ii) The synthesized speech signal is compared with the original signal to find the difference error signal.

(iii) Perceptual weighting is done for this error signal.

(iv) Perceptual weight is decided using knowledge of hearing criteria.

(v) The transmitter system transmits the LPC and the optimized values of position and amplitude of impulses to be used as excitation.

Block schematic for multi-pulse linear prediction based vocoder

written 5 months ago by gravatar for Manan Bothra Manan Bothra0
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