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Question: Explain in detail pitch detection the applications of LPC to speech processing?

Subject: Speech Processing

Topic: LPC and Parametric Speech Coding

Difficulty: High

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modified 5 months ago by gravatar for Manan Bothra Manan Bothra0 written 6 months ago by gravatar for awari.swati831 awari.swati831140

enter image description here

(i) The note is divided into a number of frame. Frame size is made equal to the pitch period. Each frame is passed via window and Linear Prediction Coefficients (LPC) are calculated by using L-D algorithm.

(ii) The LPC obtained are used to predict the further sample and the prediction error is evaluated.

(iii) The synthesis filter in all-pole filter. The synthesized frames are concatenated to synthesize a note.

Block Schematic for LPC synthesis

written 5 months ago by gravatar for Manan Bothra Manan Bothra0
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