Question Paper: Mobile and Ecommerce Question Paper - May 2015 - Information Technology (Semester 8) - Mumbai University (MU)

Mobile and Ecommerce - May 2015

MU Information Technology (Semester 8)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Explain the following (in brief):

1 (a) Summarize three reasons why a company may wish to introduce e-commerce. 5 marks

1 (b) Describe the three main alternative locations for trading within the electronic marketplace. 5 marks

1 (c) How should the e-commerce manager monitor and respond to technological innovation? 5 marks

1 (d) What are the goals of acquisition and retention in an online context. 5 marks

2 (a) Explain the different layers of governance of the internet. 5 marks

2 (b) Discuss different mechanisms for online auctions. 5 marks

3 (a) Explain the purpose of environmental scanning. 5 marks

3 (b) Outline the stages involved in developing a strategic e-marketing plan. 5 marks

4 (a) What is the difference between a push orientation to the value chain and pull orientation? 5 marks

4 (b) Explain the elements of generic strategy process model. 5 marks

5 (a) Name four approaches a company can take to increase retention of technical staff. 5 marks

5 (b) Give three different transaction types that an industry marketplace could offer to facilitate trade between buyers and suppliers. 5 marks

6 (a) List and explain the main benefits of e-procurement. 5 marks

6 (b) How can an e-commerce site be used to achieve extension in CRM. 5 marks

7 (a) Explain the relationship between Analysis, Design and Implementation for an e-commerce site. 5 marks

7 (b) Outline four different method for building website traffic. 5 marks

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