Question Paper: Engineering Geology Question Paper - December 2016 - Civil Engineering (Semester 3) - Mumbai University (MU)

Engineering Geology - December 2016

MU Civil Engineering (Semester 3)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Define the following

1(a)(i) Focus and Epicenter
1 marks

1(a)(ii) Core
1 marks

1(a)(iii) Rudaceousrock
1 marks

1(a)(iv) Cleavage
1 marks 143

1(a)(ix) Dip and strike
1 marks 458

1(a)(v) Basic rock
1 marks 435

1(a)(vi) Metamorphic agents
1 marks 441

1(a)(vii) Natural and Mecanical joints
1 marks

1(a)(viii) Era
1 marks

1(a)(x) Hade
1 marks

1(b) Name the following rocks or minerals with thelp of given properties.
i) Plutonic and acidic rock, 435

graphic texture,
major mineralsorthoclase
iii) Volcanic rock,
presence of amygdals.
iii) Shows foliation,
major mineral-mica
iv) Sopy feeling,
v) Taste- Saline,
chem. Composition-Nacl

1 marks 3226

1(c) Write the name of the following features.
i) Basin shaped igneous intrusion
ii) Conc shaped water table
iii) Sedimentary rocks in between lava flows
iv) S shaped river
v) Valley made by normal faults
1 marks

2(a) Describe the types and importance of weathering with examples.
1 marks 437

2(b) What are different types of volcanoes and volcanic products?
1 marks 477

2(c) Explain the geological action of wind with landforms.
1 marks 438

3(i) Describe the causes and various types of folds with diagrams.
1 marks 453

3(ii) Explain the formation and different types of unconformity.
1 marks 466

3(iii) How are columnar and mural joints are formed?
1 marks

4(a) Explain the various structures of secondary rocks with diagrams.
1 marks

4(b) Discuss about zones of groundwater, water bearing properties of rocks and factors controlling the movement of water in rocks.
1 marks 471

5(i) State the importance of geological structures during the construction of dam.
1 marks 461

5(ii) Mention the precautionary measures in earthquake prone arreas during construction of building.
1 marks

5(iii) Write the classification and importance of Deccan traps.
1 marks 456

write a short note any five Q6.(a,b,c,d,e,f,g ,h)

6(a) Parallel and step fault
1 marks

6(b) Ropy and blocky lava
1 marks

6(c) Solifluction and creep
1 marks 467

6(d) Cataclastic structure
1 marks 447

6(e) Porphyritic texture
1 marks 497

6(f) Crag and Tail
1 marks

6(g) Core recovery ,
RQD and drill water
1 marks

6(h) Geological properties of building stones
1 marks 436

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