Question Paper: Software Project Management Question Paper - December 2016 - Information Technology (Semester 7) - Mumbai University (MU)

Software Project Management - December 2016

MU Information Technology (Semester 7)

Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any question 4 Q1(a,b,c,d,e,)

1(a) What is PMBOK Knowledge areas
5 marks 696

1(b) Define the following terms
i) Project 698

ii) Critical path 710

iii) Earned value 1842

iv) Scope creep 1830

v) Scope leap. 1830

5 marks

1(c) Give the difference between product oriented deliverables and project oriented deliverables.
5 marks 1831

1(d) Explain the improtance of feasibility study IT projects.
5 marks

1(e) What is a project Charter.
5 marks 1827

2(a) Explain the phases of project life cycle and compare it with SDLC.
5 marks 701

2(b) Explain Project Planning framework
5 marks 705

3(a) Explain project estimation techniques
5 marks 719

3(b) Explain in brief the objectives of procurement management.
5 marks 1839

4(a) Draw AON diagram and find the activities on critical path. Caculate minimum overall project completion time.
Activity Description Estimated Duration (Days) Predecessor
A Evaluate current technology platform 2 None
B Define user requirement 5 A
C Design webpage layout 4 B
D Set up server 3 B
E Estimate web traffic 1 B
F Test Web pages and links 4 C,D
G Move web pages to production 3 D,E
H Write announcement 2 F,G
I Train users 5 G
J Write report to management 1 H,I
5 marks

4(b) What is cost benefit analysis in projects? List the steps for performing costs benefit analysis.
5 marks 721

5(a) What is project team? Explain multidisciplinary and Multicultural teams
5 marks 1835

5(b) Explain in brief resource loading, resource allocation and resource levelling.
5 marks 717

6(a) What is the role of implementation plan? Explain in brief the contents of implementation plan of a project.
5 marks 1837

6(b) What is meant by Communication Management ? What are the strategies for an effective communication system.
5 marks 1841

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