Question Paper: Industrial Engineering & Management Question Paper - May 17 - Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8) - Mumbai University (MU)

Industrial Engineering & Management - May 17

MU Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any four question from Q.1(a, b, c,d, e)

1(a) What are the characteristics of a good wage system?
5 marks 7514

1(b) What are the factors influencing plant layout?
5 marks 10262

1(c) What are the different methods of depreciation?
5 marks 10267

1(d) What are the different time study requirements?
5 marks 10252

1(e) How is a system approach useful in I.E.?
5 marks 10241

2(a) Define Productivity. What are the different techniques to improve productivity?
10 marks 10236

2(b) What is a FAST diagram? Construct a FAST diagram for a ball point pen.
10 marks 10253

3(a) What are the principles of motion economy?
10 marks 10256

3(b) What are the different methods of merit rating?
10 marks 12252

4(a) What is anthropometry How is anthropometry data used in design?
10 marks 10257

4(b) The workmen in an engineering firm are expected to work for 400 minutes in a shift of 8 hours. The remaining time is meant for rest and personal needs, etc.
i) Estimate the standard time per piece of a job whose normal time is 2 minutes.
ii) Find number of pieces to be produced per day.
iii) If the workmen engaged on the above job produced 180 pieces in the shift. What is their efficiency?
10 marks 12257

5(a) What are the different types of plant layout? What are their advantages and disadvantages
10 marks 7524

5(b) Why does money have a time value? Explain the basic time value of money model with four varibles involved in it.
10 marks 10266

Write short note any four question from Q.6(a, b, c, d, e)

6(a) Financial Statements.
10 marks 10264

6(b) Assembly line balancing
10 marks 7518

6(c) BPR
10 marks 10258

6(d) PMTS.
10 marks 10250

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