Question Paper: Instrumentation Project Documentation and Execution Question Paper - December 2015 - Instrumentation Engineering (Semester 8) - Mumbai University (MU)

Instrumentation Project Documentation and Execution - December 2015

MU Instrumentation Engineering (Semester 8)

Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Answer the following (Any Four):

1 (a) Explain the role of constructor. 5 marks

1 (b) Define project and explain project structure with the help of success triangle. 5 marks

1 (c) Discuss in details advantages of using software package for documentation. 5 marks

1 (d) Prepare system integration service checklist require in design and deploying a control package. 5 marks

1 (e) Draw any ten ISA symbol. 5 marks

2 (a) Explain the project flow in details. 5 marks

2 (b) Explain specification sheet for DP transmitter and control valve. 5 marks

Explain the following:

3 (a) (i) Logic Diagram 5 marks

3 (a) (ii) Conduit and tray schedule 5 marks

3 (b) Explain CFC and SFC in short. 5 marks

4 (a) Draw and explain Hook up diagram for any two instruments. 5 marks

4 (b) Describe the checkout procedure for temperature transmitter. 5 marks

5 (a) Draw and explain instrument location plan with example. 5 marks

5 (b) Explain in short HMI specification 5 marks

6 (a) Explain DCS and SCADA graphics. 5 marks

6 (b) Describe the different Standards used for instrumentation project. 5 marks

Write a short note on any two:

7 (a) Project Deliverable. 5 marks

7 (b) Commissioning 5 marks

7 (c) Software packages for Documentation. 5 marks

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