Question Paper: Instrument and System Design Question Paper - December 2015 - Instrumentation Engineering (Semester 8) - Mumbai University (MU)

Instrument and System Design - December 2015

MU Instrumentation Engineering (Semester 8)

Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary


1 (a) Static characteristics of an instrument? 5 marks

1 (b) Air service unit. 5 marks

1 (c) Cavitation and flashing phenomenon. 5 marks

1 (d) Control room illumination and communication. 5 marks

2 (a) Size the control valve for following data
Fluid = Water flowing at a rate of 2800 gpm
Temp = 15°C,   Pipe diameter=12",   P1=72.2 psia, P2=64.1 psia, Cd=17 Valve used is 60° butterfly valve.
5 marks

2 (b) Determine the correct valve size for following data? Also check for flashing
Fluid = Hydrocarbon having specific weight of 36.17 lb/ft3.
W=50000 lb/hr   Pc=591 psia   D=4? scheduled 40
P1=62.0 psia,   P2=14.7 psia,   Cd=5
PVP=38.67 psia,   FL=0.79 T1=560°R.
5 marks

3 (a) Size the control valve for following data
Fluid = Air and water,   Pipe diameter = 10? scheduled 40
P1=50 psia,   P2=40 psia,   Cd=20
Temp=520°R,   Wg=3000 ib/hr   Wf=150000 ib/hr
FK=1   XT=0.38 psia,
Valve used = 60° butterfly valve.
5 marks

3 (b) A valve is required to meet the following conditions
Fluid=CO2   M=44   K=1.28
Tc=88°f   Pc=1073 psia   T1=548°R
P1=557.7 psia   P2=414.7 psia   D=3? schedule 40
Cd=14   XT=0.75   Z=0.80.
5 marks

4 (a) Given
P1=125 psia   P2=65 psia   Pipe=2? schedule 40
O.D.=2.375?   Cv=35,   XT=0.70   t=0.154?
Insulation = 1? thermal (4dB/inch)
Location = open area 30? above ground
Find predicted sound pressure level at 1.2 meter downstream of valve and 1 meter horizontally from pipe surface.
5 marks

4 (b) Explain the path treatment of valve noise reduction. 5 marks

Explain selection criteria and design consideration for:

5 (a) Control valve actuator. 5 marks

5 (b) Rapture disc and Relief Valve. 5 marks

6 (a) Explain in detail the following phases involved in electronic product design
i) Design Phase
ii) Engineering Phase
5 marks

6 (b) Explain control panel design consideration. 5 marks

Write a short note on:

7 (a) IP classification for control panel. 5 marks

7 (b) Significance of grounding and shielding. 5 marks

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