Question Paper: Design with Linear Integrated Circuits Question Paper - May 2016 - Electronics Engineering (Semester 5) - Mumbai University (MU)

Design with Linear Integrated Circuits - May 2016

MU Electronics Engineering (Semester 5)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1(a) Explain behaviour of op-amp in linear and saturation region with neat graphs. 4 marks

1(b) Explain non-inverting comparator with suitable exmaple. 4 marks

1(c) State various methods to achiece analog to digital conversion. 4 marks

1(d) Explain 78XX series voltage regulator. 4 marks

1(e) Implement y = 3 va ' 5 vb + 7 vc using op-amp, where y is output and va, vb & vc are inputs. 4 marks

2(a) Derive expression for voltage gain of inverting amplifier and hence design the same for voltege gain = 20. 4 marks

2(b) Design a 2nd order KRC low pass filter with a cutoff frequency fo = 1KHz and Q = 5. 4 marks

3(a) Draw the circuit diagram of an inverting type schmitt trigger circuit.
Design such a circuit to meet UTP = +2.5V & LTP = -1V
Assume ± vsat = ± 12V, for an input of 8sinwt, plot the graph of vo and vin.
4 marks

3(b) Explain working of Wien bridge oscillator and hence design for fo = 5KHz. 4 marks

4(a) Explain R/2R ladder type DAC 4 marks

4(b) Design Mono stable multivibrator using IC 555 to generate output delay of 10 msec. 4 marks

5(a) Design voltage regulator using IC 723 for Vo = 10V and IL = 200mA. 4 marks

5(b) Explain internal diagram of power amplifier LM 380 4 marks

Write short notes on

6(a) Sample and Hold circuit 4 marks

6(b) V-I converter 4 marks

6(c) Applications of IC 555 4 marks

6(d) Switching mode voltage regulator 4 marks

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