Question Paper: Advanced Instrumentation Systems Question Paper - May 2015 - Electronics Engineering (Semester 6) - Mumbai University (MU)

Advanced Instrumentation Systems - May 2015

MU Electronics Engineering (Semester 6)

Total marks: --
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) With neat block diagram, explain the working of multichannel data acquisition system. 10 marks

1 (b) Compare an electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. 10 marks

2 (a) Explain flow characteristics of globe control valves. 10 marks

2 (b) What is necessity of valve positioner? Explain any one type of valve positioner. 10 marks

3 (a) Explain the working of pneumatic to electrical converter. 10 marks

3 (b) What is need of tuning of controller? Explain any one method of tuning of PID controller. 10 marks

4 (a) Explain flapper nozzle system. Explain any two applications of flapper nozzle System. 10 marks

4 (b) With neat block diagram explain working of telemetry system. 10 marks

5 (a) Compare conventional and smart transmitters. 10 marks

5 (b) Draw and explain inherent and installed characteristics of control valves. 10 marks

6 (a) With neat diagram, explain speed control circuit for hydraulic actuator. 10 marks

6 (b) Explain the working of electronic DP transmitter. 10 marks

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