Question Paper: Embedded System Design Question Paper - December 2014 - Electronics Engineering (Semester 7) - Mumbai University (MU)

Embedded System Design - December 2014

MU Electronics Engineering (Semester 7)

Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1 (a) Explain SPI protocol for serial communication. 5 marks

1 (b) Explain Task and Task States. 5 marks

1 (c) Draw and explain data frame format for CAN bus. 5 marks

1 (d) Differentiate between RS 232 and RS 485. 5 marks

2 (a) Suggest various techniques used for interprocess communication in an Embedded system. 5 marks

2 (b) What is shared data problem? Explain different types of semaphores. 5 marks

3 (a) Compare schedulers used in hard real time sytem. 5 marks

3 (b) Explain wht ARM processor is one of the most commonly used 32 bit embedded processor. Draw architecture of ARM7 TDMI processor. 5 marks

4 (a) Explain address space (Memory Map) of MSF 430. 5 marks

4 (b) Explain in detail Link List, Pipes, Queue and Mailboxes. 5 marks

5 (a) What is bounded and unbounded priority inversion problem? Suggest solution used for same. Explain with suitable example. 5 marks

5 (b) Describe embedded programming tools like compiler, cross compiler, integrated development environment, debugging tools, in circuit emulator. 5 marks

6 (a) What is the role of processor reset and system reset explain the need of watchdog timer and reset after the watched time. 5 marks

6 (b) Design an embedded system to control room temperature and humidity:
i) Draw FSM/petrinet
ii) Draw block diagram
iii) Suggest, hardware specification (viz. Controller, memory, peripherals)
iv) Give list of tasks and device drivers.
5 marks

7 (a) Black Box Testing. 5 marks

7 (b) Digital Signal Controller 5 marks

7 (c) Explain System on Chip (SOC). 5 marks

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