Question Paper: Instrumentation Question Paper - May 2017 - Chemical Engineering (Semester 6) - Mumbai University (MU)

Instrumentation - May 2017

MU Chemical Engineering (Semester 6)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1(a) Explain different type of Calibration Methods. 6 marks

1(b) 0-150 Voltmeter has a guranteed accuracy of 1% of full scale reading. If actual reading is 83V, Calculate the percentage error. 6 marks

1(c) Explain:
I) Turbine flow meter II) Piezoelectric Sensing Element
6 marks

2(a) What is the flow rate in m3/hr of an electromagnetic flow meter generated an emf of 20V water flowing thorugh a pipe of 40 cm diamagnetic induction is 6/vs/m2 6 marks

2(b) Explain Mechanical and Electronic amplifier in Detail 6 marks

3(a) What is change in resistance of an electric resistance strain gauge, with gauge factor of 2.1 and resistance 50Ω if it is subjected to strain of 0.001? 6 marks

3(b) Suggest Appropriate Instrument for following applications with reason.
i) Measurement of flow of viscos Liquid
ii) Measurement of flow of Corrosive Liquid
iii) Measurement of Boiler and Furance Temperature
iv) Leveol measurement of Bulk Solid
v) Measurement of absolute pressure
6 marks

4(a) Explain PLC in detail with simple program for on and off a lamp. 6 marks

4(b) A temperature sensor can measure temp from 30 degree to 200 degree a measurement result in a value of 120 degree calculate the error if i) ±0.25% of full scale ii) ± 0.35% of span 6 marks

4(c) Write Short note on basic process control scheme. 6 marks

5(a) All LVDT is used to measure displacement.The LVDT feeds a Voltmeter of 0-5 V range a 250 gain amplifier. For a displacement 0.5mm the output of LVDT is 2 mV, what is the sensitivity of instrument. 6 marks

5(b) Explai SIL Clasification in Detail. 6 marks

5(c) Explain importance of level measurement in detail. 6 marks

6(a) Write short note on: Signal conditioning 6 marks

6(b) Relief Valve. 6 marks

6(c) Electromanetic flow meter. 6 marks

6(d) Vriable Drives. 6 marks

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