Question Paper: Computer Communication & Telecom Networks Question Paper - May 2016 - Electronics and Telecom Engineering (Semester 6) - Mumbai University (MU)

Computer Communication & Telecom Networks - May 2016

MU Electronics and Telecom Engineering (Semester 6)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary


1(a) Draw sublayer of data link layer. Explain the role of each layer. 5 marks

1(b) Differentiate the host to host delivery provided by data link layer and network layer. 5 marks

1(c) What os socket address? Explain with example. Comment on socket programming. 5 marks

1(d) Compare between circuit switching and packet switching. 5 marks

2(a) List the role of application layer and explain one application layer protocol 5 marks

2(b) Classify unicast routing protocol. Explain exterior routing protocol in brief. 5 marks

3(a) Compare between Ethernet LAN and IEEE 802.11 WLAN. 5 marks

3(b) What is DSL and HFC? Describe in brief. 5 marks

3(c) What is peer to peer communication? Describe decentralized peer to peer sharing. 5 marks

4(a) What are the performance parameters of network? Explain in brief. 5 marks

4(b) Classify multiple access techniques. Explain CSMA/CA technique with backoff algorithm. 5 marks

4(c) Describe in details the physical transmission media for computer communication networks. 5 marks

5(a) What are the demerits of Distance Vector algorithm? How it is overcome? 5 marks

5(b) What is tunneling? Explain Automatic Tunneling and configuration tunneling in detail. 5 marks

Write short notes on (any Two)

6(a) Networking Devices. 5 marks

6(b) ATM 5 marks

6(c) Congestion Control 5 marks

6(d) Ipv6 5 marks

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