Question Paper: Management and Entrepreneurship Question Paper - May 2016 - Computer Science (Semester 6) - Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU)

Management and Entrepreneurship - May 2016

VTU Computer Science (Semester 6)

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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary
1(a) What is management? List the roles management. 4 marks

1(b) What are the nature and characteristics of management? 4 marks

1(c) Distinguish between the administration and management. 4 marks

1(d) Explain the different skills and different levels of management. 4 marks

2(a) Define Planning. Explain briefly hierarchy of plans. 4 marks

2(b) Explain the different types of planning premises, with example. 4 marks

2(c) With neat diagram, explain the steps in decision making. 4 marks

2(d) Differentiate between strategic and tractical planning. 4 marks

3(a) What are the types of organization? Explain with neat diagram line and staff organization. 4 marks

3(b) Briefly explain MBO and MBE. 4 marks

3(c) Explain the nature and importance of staffing. 4 marks

4(a) What is leadership? What are the major approaches of leadership? 4 marks

4(b) Explain the steps in controlling. 4 marks

4(c) Compare the Maslow's need hierarchy theory with Herzberg's two factor theory. 4 marks

5(a) Define entrepreneur. Differentiate between entrepreneur and intrapreneur. 4 marks

5(b) Explain the characteristics of an entrepreneur and explain stages in entrepreneurial process. 4 marks

5(c) Write a note on : growth of industrial entrepreneurship in India. 4 marks

6(a) Explain the role of SSIs in the economic development. 4 marks

6(b) Define small scale industry. Discuss its important characteristics. 4 marks

6(c) Explain the steps for starting an SSI. 4 marks

6(d) List the different policies of SSI. 4 marks

7(a) Explain the objectives and functions of NSIC. 4 marks

7(b) Write short notes on :
i) SISI (small indusries service institutes)
ii) DIC (District Industries Centre)
iii) SIDBI (Small industries development bank of India)
iv) SIDO (small industries development organization)
4 marks

8(a) Give the meaning of a project. 4 marks

8(b) Write the need and significance of project report. 4 marks

8(c) What are the steps involved in formulation of project report? 4 marks

8(d) What is project appraisal? What are the main stages of project appraisal? 4 marks

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