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Question: What are the basic differences between aerobic and anaerobic process

Subject:-Environmental Engineering-II

Topic:-Secondary treatment method

Difficulty: Low

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modified 27 days ago by gravatar for Sanket Shingote Sanket Shingote ♦♦ 220 written 9 weeks ago by gravatar for pragya23121997 pragya231219970
Aerobic Process Anaerobic Process
1)It has following four phases a)Pure treatment stage b)Aeration stage c)Setting stage d)Disinfection stage 1)It has four phases a)Hydrolysis stage b)Acid genesis stage c)Acetogenesis stage d)Methanogenesis
2)It has a living ecosystem of microbes used to digest the waste product in water 2)In this process the organic material is biochemically digested into carbon dioxide and methane
3)Large amount of items like bleach or antibiotics are used in this process which may reduce the effectiveness of the process. 3)It can be performed as a batch process or continuous process.
4)It needs frequent sludge removal 4)It has complex digestion system
5)It handles the continuous flow of waste water. 5)It generate energy at low cost in the form of methane.
written 9 weeks ago by gravatar for pragya23121997 pragya231219970
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