Page: Syllabus of E-commerce and E-business*

1. E-commerce:- Introduction to e-commerce

Definition of e-com

  • Different types of Ecom
  • Examples of ecommerce
  • commerce trade cycle
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce
  • Traditional commerce Vs E commerce

2. Overview of hardware and software

Technologies for e-commerce

  • Client side programming ( Dream weaver, Front page )
  • Server side programming (PHP)
  • Database
  • Connectivity
  • Session tracking
  • Middleware technologies from e com perspective and security aspects with respect to ecommerce
  • Integration of web services

3. Payment System for e-commerce

  • Traditional payment model
  • Characteristics of payment system
  • SET Protocol for credit card payment
  • E-cash
  • E-check
  • Smart cards

4. E-Marketing Strategies

  • Value chain
  • Working of e – market
  • Transactions at e-market
  • Strategies for marketing for selling on the web – Advertising supported
  • Advertising subscription mixed model
  • Fee for transaction model Sales and Promotions Strategies for Purchasing and support activities

5. E-Business: Introduction to e-business

  • Definition of e-business
  • Characteristics
  • Elements of e-business
  • E- business roles
  • Impact of e-business
  • Challenges of e-business
  • Difference between e-business
  • E-commerce

6. Developing e-business models

  • E- business structure
  • Evolution of e–business and its stages
  • E – business models
  • Characteristics of Internet based software and e business solutions

7. E-business strategies

  • Strategic planning process
  • SCM
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Procurement

8. Design and development of an business website:

  • Building an e-commerce website:- SDLC system design Issues involved in designing a website Prerequisites required for designing in – house website steps involved in web site development e-business and web site development solutions, security issues involved and analyzing website traffic --- Case study

  • Analysis and design – (Workflow management, Process modelling, data modelling), UI design, use case design, information architecture, security concerns

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