Question: What is the relation between MOV scope and WBS?

Subject:- Software Project Managment

Title:- Project Scope Managment

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Measurable Value Organisation (MOV)

The project's MOV must be defined and agreed upon before proceeding to the other steps of the project planning framework. The project's MOV provides a direct link to the organization's strategic mission. A project's MOV acts as a bridge between the strategic mission and objectives of the organization and the project plans of individual projects it undertakes. The MOV guides many of the decisions related to scope, schedule, budget, and resources throughout the project's life cycle.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Once the project’s scope is defined, the next step is to define the activities or tasks the project team must undertake to fulfil the scope deliverable requirements. The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a useful tool for developing the project plan and links the project’s scope to the schedule and budget.

The WBS Should Support the Project’s MOV

The WBS should include only tasks or activities that allow for the delivery of the project’s deliverables. Before continuing with the development of theprojectplan,theprojectteamshouldensurethat theWBSallowsforthedeliveryofalltheproject’s deliverables as defined in the project’s scope. Inturn, this will ensure that the project is more likely to achieve its MOV. The rule states: “The next level decomposition of a WBS element (child level) must represent 100 percent of the work applicable to the next higher (parent) element.” Moreover, 100 percent of the costs orresources required will beidentified when we create the budget for our project.

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