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Topic: Economics of Wireless Network

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The wireless communication system that we are using today are results of series of development with advancement of technology at every stage of development and have experienced tremendous growth

The 3rd generation wireless system (3G) are developed to provide universal access throughout the world

The 4th generation wireless system are under deployment and continue to evolve

Economic benefit of Wireless Networks:

The wireless networks have economic benefits for its clients in comparision to the wired networks.

Easy Installation: They can be easily installed without worrying about providing network connectivity through cables.

Lower Cost: The need to install cables is eliminated and results in significant cost savings.

Prohibition of cable deployment: It is useful in old buildings,places where it is difficult to install cables.

Network deployment in difficult to wire areas: In this situations cables used to be replace in locations like rivers, oceans or old buildings where asbestos is found. It increases the cost of cable deployment.

Deploying temporary network: Network is used for small time period, so cable deployment is in adequate in such situation

Using network capacity: Wireless systems use the network capacity of each network completely and also provide service to existing as well as new customers without any cable installation

Changing Economics of Wireless Industry:

The integration of the internet and wireless networks for data transmission has led to development in the wireless market for generation of revenues.

The main factors affected by the modifications are:

Terminal manufactures: The mobile terminals will be replaced by devices like internet enable phones, PDA, etc. which will modify the appliance size provide law power consumption and province high speed data services.

Role of governments: Governments get a lot of money through spectrum licensing. They made profit by auctioning the 3G spectrum which created huge revenue.

Infrastructure manufactures: With developments in newer wireless devices,the infrastructure of mobile manufactures will rapidly increase indicating a bright future for the manufactures.

Mobile carriers: The mobile carriers need to provide new services like 3G, 4G to stand in the competition of growing wireless industry.

The carriers need new infrastructure of supporting new technology, licenses and new content for their portal.

The different applications to be used over the wireless systems are: Internet browsing: It will be easy for users to access internet using XML than using Wireless a Access Potocol (WAP).

Video telephony and video conferencing: With the help of the different multimedia applications different users around the globe can have chat, have meetings or conferences over their wireless devices.

Mobile commerce: This facility allows the users to make on-line purchase, sell goods, buy-or-sell property, and complete banking transactions, reservations, share trading without an internet connected desktop.

Multimedia messaging: This feature allows the users to send video messages,voice mails and messages, different multimedia files.

Geo location: This feature determines the location of the user using GPS or combines the signal replicas from handset receive at different base stations to get information about user location. This features is useful for using Google Maps or if emergency calls need to be made to the user.

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