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Question: State the historical development of fiber reinforced concrete?

Advance Concrete Technology

Topic: Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Difficulty: Medium

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modified 7 days ago  • written 7 days ago by gravatar for abhishektiwari1712 abhishektiwari1712 ♦♦ 0

Plain concrete possess a very low tensile strength limited ductility and little resistance to cracking internal micro crack are inherently present in the concrete and it poor tensile strength is due to propagation of such micro crack eventuality leading to brittle fracture of the concrete.

Factors affecting properties of fiber reinforced concrete

Fiber reinforces concrete is a composite material contain fiber in the cement matrix in an orderly manner or randomly distributed manner. Its property would obviously depend upon the efficient transfer of stress between matrix and fibre. which is largely depend on type of fibres ,fibres geometry, fibre content, orientation and distribution of fibre. Mixing and compacting technique of concrete and size and shape of aggregate. This factors are listed below

1) Relative fiber matrix stiffness

2) Volume of fiber

3) Aspect ratio of fiber

4) Orientation of fibre

5) Workability and compaction of concrete

6) Size of coarse aggregate

7) Mixing

written 7 days ago by gravatar for abhishektiwari1712 abhishektiwari1712 ♦♦ 0
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