Question: Explain carbon fibres?

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1) Improve elasticity and tensile strength

2) Made of polycronile fibre oxidation

3) Use mainly for making manufacturer and aircraft part especially as base material

4) Expensive fibre

5) Carbon Fiber has High Strength to Weight Ratio (also known as specific strength) Strength of a material is the force per unit area at failure, divided by its density. Any material that is strong AND light has a favorable Strength/weight ratio. Materials such as Alumina, titanium, magnesium, Carbon and glass fiber, high strength steel alloys all have good strength to weight ratios.

6)Carbon Fiber is very Rigid Rigidity or stiffness of a material is measured by its Young Modulus and measures how much a material deflects under stress. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is over 4 times stiffer than Glass reinforced plastic, almost 20 times more than pine, 2.5 times greater than aluminum.

7) Carbon fiber is Corrosion Resistant and Chemically Stable Although carbon fiber themselves do not deteriorate, Epoxy is sensitive to sunlight and needs to be protected. Other matrices (whatever the carbon fiber is embedded in) might also be reactive.

8) Carbon fiber is Electrically Conductive This feature can be useful and be a nuisance. In Boat building It has to be taken into account just as Aluminum conductivity comes into play. Carbon fiber conductivity can facilitate Galvanic Corrosion in fittings. Careful installation can reduce this problem.

9) Fatigue Resistance is good

10) Carbon Fiber has good Tensile Strength

11) Fire Resistance/Non Flammable

12) Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

This is a measure of how much a material expands and contracts when the temperature goes up or down. Units are in Inch / inch degree F, as in other tables, the units are not so important as the comparison. In a high enough mast differences in Coefficients of thermal expansion of various materials can slightly modify.

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