Question: Discuss some of the disadvantages of 'Vertical Communication' and suggest ways to make it more effective.OR "Grapevine Communication can create unity and promote efficiency." Explain.

Discuss some of the disadvantages of ‘Vertical Communication’ and suggest ways to make it more effective.OR “Grapevine Communication can create unity and promote efficiency.” Explain.

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  • Delay process: Vertical communication system is a delay process. It maintains long chain of command in large organization to exchange information.

  • Disturbing discipline: In this communication, if the boss’s role of direction is seen by doubtful eyes by the subordinates, the chain of command and discipline may be broken.

  • Efficiency reduces: Downward direction of vertical communication is commanding in nature. So, there is no opportunity of the workers to become efficient.

  • Loss or Distortion of information: Information may be fabricated by the employees to maintain lengthy channel. So, through his communication information may lose its originality.

  • Reduces relationships: By this communication system relationship between superior and sub-ordinate may be reduced due to inability and inefficiency.

  • Slowness system: Vertical communication is the slowest communication method because it requires passing through the various levels of an organization. For this, it may become ineffective.

  • Negligence of superiors: In this communication superiors can neglect to send message to their subordinates.

Improvement of disadvantages

  • Conveying message of subordinate: Through upward direction of vertical communication system, the upper level management covey their suggestions, complains and recommendations to the subordinates.

  • Maintains good labor-management relations: There is systematic flow of information under his communication system, so a good relation can be developed between superior and subordinates.

  • Maintains organizational discipline: There is a chain of command in vertical communication system. So, a sense of discipline may be developed among the employees.

  • Explaining policies and plan: Through vertical communication system, upper level management can send the policies and procedures to the subordinates.

  • Effective decision making: Superiors needed various information to take decision making in the organization. With the help of vertical communications, superiors collect information form subordinate.

  • Help in decentralizations: Duties and responsibilities can be delegated among departments thorough vertical communication.

  • Avoid by-passing: Under this communication system superior and subordinates exchange message directly. So there is no chance to by-passing.

  • Maintains chain of command: proper chain of commands is easily maintains through vertical communication system.

  • Assigning jobs and evaluating performance: Vertical communication facilitates job assignment and job evaluation of the employees.

  • Increase efficiency: Necessary instructions are sent to subordinates and they perform their duties and responsibilities accordingly that is help to increase efficiency both superior and subordinate.


  1. Grapevine channels carry information rapidly. As soon as an employee gets to know some confidential information, he becomes inquisitive and passes the details then to his closest friend who in turn passes it to other. Thus, it spreads hastily.

  2. The managers get to know the reactions of their subordinates on their policies. Thus, the feedback obtained is quick compared to formal channel of communication.

  3. The grapevine creates a sense of unity among the employees who share and discuss their views with each other. Thus, grapevine helps in developing group cohesiveness.

  4. The grapevine serves as an emotional supportive value.

  5. The grapevine is a supplement in those cases where formal communication does not work.

Thus, when employees sense a need to exchange their views, they go for grapevine network as they cannot use the formal channel of communication in that case.

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