Question: How reading is important in UI Design? Write your comments related to the quote "Poor Design may affect Reading".

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Reading is important in UI design:

Reading is an artificial skill that is learned by systematic training like play musical instruments or balancing a bicycle etc. Learning to read involves training the brain to recognize visual pattern, a gamut from low to high level runs to recognize patterns that our brains learn.

Poor design can affect reading.

1. Uncommon or familiar vocabulary.

Words that are not commonly in use should be avoided.

All computer geeke may be familiar with all these terms, but for people from other domains such as real estate agent furniture dealer such words become very difficult to decode and then understand the message, as a designer, it is your responsibility to make all users comfortable.

2. Difficult script and typefaces.

You may be tempted to use the various fonts available and make the interface interesting.

3. Tiny fonts.

The positive and enticing offers are in bold large fonts while the actual risk are in extremely small fonts. The intention behind tiny fonts should be only to ensure that your user skip this information easily.

4. Text on noisy background.

Having text written on a textured back reduces readability.

5. Information buried in repetition.

Reading the same information repeat may be in different tenses will make reader assume that these is nothing more in it.

6. Centered text or right aligned text.

Most of us are trained to read from to right.

In a centered or right alighted text, line begin at a different place.

Reading will not be an automatic anymore.

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