Question Paper: Engineering Physics 1 : Question Paper Dec 2012 - First Year Engineering (Semester 1) | Anna University (AU)

Engineering Physics 1 - Dec 2012

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)


1 What is acoustic grating?(2 marks) 10 What are lattice parameter of a unit cell?(2 marks) 11.(a)(i) What is the phenomenon of magnetostriction? Using that phenomenon explain how high frequency sound waves are produced.(4 marks) 11.(a)(ii) A nickel crystal of length 10cm with density 8.1 × 10-1 N/m2 is used in a magnetostrictive oscillator.Determine the fundamental frequency of the ultrasonic waves generated.(4 marks) 11.(b)(i) Explain in detail how a A-Scan technique is employed to locate a defect.(12 marks) 11.(b)(ii) Find the depth of a submarine if an ultrasonic pulse reflected from the submarine is received 0.33 sec after sending out the ultrasonic waves.Gives the sound velocity in sea water is 1440 m/sec(4 marks) 12.(a) Describe the construction and working of CO2 laser and their uses(16 marks) 12.(b) Describe the construction and working of He-Ne laser and their uses(16 marks) 13.(a) Give an account of fiber optic communication system and its advantages(16 marks) 13.(b) Discuss about the various types of optical fibers.(16 marks) 14.(a) Give an account of scanning Electron Microscope.(16 marks) 14.(b) Derive Schrodinger time dependent wave equation.(16 marks) 15.(a) What are Miller indices? Show that for a cubic lattice the distance between two successive (h k 1)planes is given by d=a[ d=a/ sqrt{h^{2}+k^{2}+k^{2}} ](16 marks) 15.(b) Calculate the number of atoms per unit cell,coordination number and packing factor for F.C.C and B.C.C structures.(16 marks) 2 What is inverse pizoelectric effect?(2 marks) 3 Explain stimulated emission.(2 marks) 4 Name any two uses of lasers in medicine.(2 marks) 5 Define total internal reflection.(2 marks) 6 Calculate the numerical aperture and hence the acceptance angle for an optical fiber whose core and cladding has refractive index of 1.59 and 1.40 respectively.(2 marks) 7 Give the significance of wave function.(2 marks) 8 Write Plank's rediation formula.(2 marks) 9 What are Bravais lattices?(2 marks)

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