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Technical English 1 - May 2013

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)


1 Fill in with approprite suffixes or profiles according to the meaning to the meaning given:
(a) Flaw____:immacute
(b) micro ______:integrated computer circuit.
(c)_________tension abnormal blood pressure
(d)_______national above national limits
(2 marks)
10 Fill in the blanks using approprite cause and effect expression :
Coal based thermal plant emits sulphirus gases _________ acid rain
The people of Kochi pentioned the Government ______ the elephant killed four people
(2 marks)
11 (a) (iV Give the contextual meaning of the following word:
(3 marks)
11 (b) Describe the apperence ,utility and function of a 'Video camera'(16 marks) 11(a) (ii) Fill in the blanks:
pessimits forget their _____and count their _____
One must be____so that nothing _______them
(4 marks)
11(a) (iii) say true or false :
Optimist always spend most of their life at complaint counters
To lead a happy life one has to be too big for worry and too nobel for anger
sun shines only to cast shadow.
(3 marks)

answer the question from Q. 11(a) and Q.11(b)

11(a)( Read the following passeged carefully and answer the question given at the end of it: Some people always look at the negative side.Who is a passint? Pessimits ardunhappy ,when they have no troubles to speak of feel bad when they feel good for fear they will feel worse when they feel better. They spend most of their life at complaint counter , always looking for cracks in the mirror life.They stop sleeping in bed,when they hear that more peopledie in bed then anywhere else,Cnanot enjoy their helth beacause they die in bed then anywhere else,cannot enjoy their helth beacause they think they may be sick tommorow,not only to cast shadows ,forget their blessing count their troubles and know that hard work never hurts anyone but belive "why take a chance?"
Be an can one be an optimst ?It is well described by the following:
Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind .Look at the sunny side of everything ,Think only of the best ,Work only for the best and expect only the best .Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no itme left to criticize other.Be too big for worry and too noble for anger
Answer the following question :
Who is a pessimist?
Who is an optimst ?
State the necessary of being an optimst
What an optimst should do?
what is the central idea of the passage ?
Who do not have time to citicize other and who expect the worst?
(6 marks)

answer the question from Q.12 (a) and Q.12(b)

12 (a) Read the following paragraph and draw a bar chart:
It is possible that if safe ,convential and attrectives bicycle track were available then some user of cars ,buses,three and two wheerless who make trip of less than 5km would shift to bicycles .The percentage of trips for less 5km in delhi have been calculated .30% of bus trips ,30% car trips ,44% of scoter /motor cycle trips and 60% of all three wheeler trips are less then 5km.This means that more than two million trips have some potential to be converted to cicycling
(16 marks)
12 (b) Make a flowchart from the following paragraph:
paddy hulk or rise husk is derived from paddy grains by thrashing them . This rice husk ,generally considered to be a waste product and also to be difficult to dispose of can be pult to commercial use to produce a type of difficult to dispose of can be put to commercial use to produce a type of cement known as rice husk cement .To obtain this commercial product .Lime sludge ,whicch is the waste lime obtained from suger and other industries is used along with rice husk.The process producing rice husk cement from rice husk and lime sludge involves various steps.At first rice husk and lime sludge in equal weight are mixed throughly in order to produce cakes .Thereafter ,the cakes so prepared are intially .this process subseqently leaves a residue in the form of ash that is collected ,finally the ash residue in crude from is ground to a fine powder ,Which is nothing but the rice husk cement.
(16 marks)

answer the question Q.13 (a) and Q.13 (b)

13 (a) Rearrange the following jumbled sentences.
If the latter are relucant ,Start with the former
Mix the quick ones with the slow ones
Call for reprts after few miniutes of disscussion
The quick lerners ,spread over the class ,can guide this discussion
then gradually moves to the latter ,drawing them out of their shells
Then disscussion can be in pairs or in groups
the disscussion provides a meaningful context to use english to communicate orally
Plese encourage discussion among your lerner specialy the weak ones
(16 marks)
13 (b) Write any eight instruction to converse eletricity(16 marks)

Answer the question from Q.14 (a) and Q.14 (b)

14 (a) Imagine that you are the secretory of computer assoctiation in your college.Write a letter to mr.Agrawal,genral Manager ,Stayam softwares ,Anna Sali,chennai -25 inviting him to ingugurate a two day seminar on 'Current terends in IT-industries'(16 marks) 14 (b) Write a letter to the editor of THE HINDU about the frequent thefts in your locality due to powercuits(16 marks) 15 (b) Fill in the blanks chossing the right word from the given words :
Germany offer to indian student:

Invitation discussion exchnage extended expenses assitance
Learning Destination imirgation spectrum throughout
felloship organise attended foreign help

DAAD ,the german agency for promating acadmic _______
between germany and other countries today sought to______
the visit of the German chancellor ,mr.Gerhard schroreder ,to invite indian student and ecientist to germany for higher_______
at a pannel ________organiszed by the agency and ______
by a large number of student drawn from the IITs and other universities ,mr .Schroder himself _______
an open foreign _______
for purising higher studies
The cliancelolor ,who was present _______
the hour long ______
particularly pointed out that Germany had some of the best institute in the world ,which offered coureses covering a vast ______
of the subject and observe that ________
laws of the country were being relaxed to eabled ______
student to work there at the end their ,period of study .He also noted that there were servral institution in Germany which offered scholarship and _______
and other _______to foreign student to meet their ________.(16 marks)

answer the question from Q. 15 (a) and Q.15(b)

16 (a) Compare and contrast ? 'Laptop Computer and personal computer(16 marks) 2 Match the words in column A with column B:

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Innovative Objective
Stagnet unfit to eat
Ineditle not moving

Having the quality of intoduction

new thing

(2 marks) 3 Define the following term:
(2 marks)
4 Change the following sentence into passive form:
Scientist have discovered traces of ice on the surface of mars
Sometimes people do not appreciate our effort
(2 marks)
5 Check whether the following sentences have a subject verb agreement and rewrite them correctly:
Society are knit together by some commonly held beliefs.
Each of the girls have won a prize
(2 marks)
6 Expand the following compound nouns:
friction losses
butt weld
steel bar
power cable
(2 marks)
7 Rewrite the following sentenceses using a gerund:
To work in these condition is a plesure
It is easier to read French to speak it
(2 marks)
8 Complete the following conditional sentenses:
If I were you_______
If would not have gone there____
(2 marks)
9 Fill in the blanks with appropriate derivative:
noun Verb Adjective Adverb
Diminished _____ Dimimshing ______
________ Reflact __________ Reflactivity

(2 marks)

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