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Communication Skills - Dec 2015

First Year Engineering (Semester 1)

(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four from the remaining questions.
(3) Assume data wherever required.
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

Attempt the following multiple choice questions: (Write only the correct

option as your answer) 1(a)1 Feedback means .......... the receiver's message
a. Encoding
b. Decoding
c. transmission of
d. ideation of
(1 marks)
1(a)2 I am one of the techniques of reading. I am helpful in understanding the topic at length. I am specially used for academic reading. Who am I?
a. Skimming
b. Scanning
c. Intensive Reading
d. Extensive Reading
(1 marks)
1(a)3 Which one of the following is not the quality of a good listener?
a. To listen to the speaker with a prejudiced mind
b. To accept speaker's point of view
c. To provide non-verbal feedback
d. To listen to the speaker with a receptive mind
(1 marks)
1(a)4 .......... is the study of communication done through the use of time.(1 marks) 1(a)5 Which of the following is a compulsory part of a report?
a. Table of content
b. Recommendations/Conclusions
c. Bibliography
d. Acknowledgement
(1 marks)
1(a)6 I am one of the qualities of a good business letter. My presence ensures logical linkage among the sentences and paragraphs. Who am I?
a. Correctness
b. Coherence
c. Completeness
d. Clarity
(1 marks)
1(a)7 The Road not Taken is written by
a. Robert Browning
b. Nissim Ezekiel
c. O' Henry
d. Robert Frost
(1 marks)

State if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. If the statement is

FALSE, write the correct s 1(b)1 Writing everything in CAPITAL letters in an email is a good etiquette.(1 marks) 1(b)2 Critical Listening helps a listener in forming opinion and/or judging Someone.(1 marks) 1(b)3 For an effective presentation, preparation of outline is a first step.(1 marks) 1(b)4 Kinesics studies pauses and punctuation marks as well.(1 marks) 1(b)5 The process of paragraph writing is organization of ideas, editing the paragraph and writing the paragraph(1 marks) 1(b)6 The Eyes are not Here is a novel by Ruskin Bond.(1 marks) 1(b)7 Quality of questions determines the success of a presentation.(1 marks) 2(a) Differentiate between hearing and listening. Explain both the terms giving a real life example for each.(3 marks) 2(b) ''The role of receiver and sender keeps on changing in communication.'' - Illustrate(4 marks) 2(c) ''In communication, what you say is important but how you say it is more Important.'' - Discuss the statement giving appropriate examples.(7 marks) 3(a) ''One's purpose decides the type of listening one will be doing.'' - Discuss the statement citing suitable cases.(3 marks) 3(b) List and explain various techniques of developing reading comprehension. Share your use of each technique with reference to the subjects you are studying in the current semester.(4 marks) 3(c) ''Answers to the questions Who, Why, Where, When, How and What are essential while planning a presentation.'' - Elucidate(7 marks) 4(a) Select a topic on which you wish to deliver a presentation. Prepare an outline of the content you would like to talk about in your presentation.(3 marks) 4(b) Write a note on Reading Strategies. Explain various strategies with reference to any subject you are studying in the current semester.(4 marks) 4(c) Complete the following story and give it a suitable title.
Ms Radhika Apte was a very beautiful woman. She was married to a clerk, working in a private company, with a limited income. Ms Radhika had to be happy with a humble life. However, she always desired a luxurious life.
One day her husband came with an invitation of a party organized by his boss. Ms Radhika was extremely excited at the idea of being appreciated by all the women for her beauty.
Suddenly, the joy disappeared. She complained furiously to her husband that she did not have any good saree or jewellery suitable to the occasion. Mr Apte wanted his wife to enjoy the party and be happy. He gave her some amount to buy a new saree for herself. However, he did not have money to allow his wife to buy new jewellery. At last, Radhika borrowed a necklace from a rich friend of hers.
At the party, she was appreciated and complimented by all. Radhika was in the seventh sky. After the party, she returned home. She looked into the mirror; she soon discovered that the necklace was missing.
- Adapted from the story The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant
(7 marks)
5(a) Write a note on Miss Pushpa with reference to the poem Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa TS by Nissim Ezekiel.(3 marks) 5(b) Write a paragraph on Qualities I admire in a Professional in about 200 Words.(4 marks) 5(c) Smart Mobile Company wishes to launch a new mobile in the market. They have asked you to do a survey on the features which are mostly preferred by youngsters in their mobiles. You have conducted a survey of the students on the Features Preferred by Collegians in a Mobile. Draft a report to be submitted to the Production Manager of the company.(7 marks) 6(a) ''Life is all about making choices.'' - Discuss the statement with reference to the poem The Road not Taken by Robert Frost.(3 marks) 6(b) Your department wishes to make a visit to Tata Motors' plant for the Tata Nano at Sanand. Send an inquiry mail to the HR Manager Sanand Branch requesting for the permission to visit the plant. Give necessary details like date, time of visit, approximate no of students and faculty members.(4 marks) 6(c) You have recently purchased a mobile from High-tech Mobiles, ISKON Mall, Ahmedabad. While using the mobile you have found that it is not working properly. Draft a letter of complaint detailing the problems you are facing. Mention clearly the adjustment you wish.(7 marks) 7(a) 'Why should I have given you any such instructions?' - Explain the significance of the given line with reference to the story The Romance of a Busy Broker by O' Henry.(3 marks) 7(b) 'The speaker in the poem Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa TS by Nissim Ezekiel lacks the qualities of a good speaker.' - Discuss the statement in the light of the poem Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa TS by Nissim Ezekiel(4 marks) 7(c) How did the narrator and the girl in the story Eyes are not Here try to hide the reality from each other?(7 marks)

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