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Introduction and Number Theory


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  • Introduction to Cryptography

    1 Introduction to Cryptography

    The OSI (Open System Interconnection) security architecture provides a systematic framework for defining security attacks, mechanisms & services.

    1. Security Attacks: They are classified as either passive attacks (which include the unauthorized reading of a message, of file and traffic analysis ...

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    2 Security Goals (CIA)

    The Three Security Goals are Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. enter image description here

    1. Confidentiality: Preserving authorized restrictions on information access and disclosure, including means for protecting personal privacy and proprietary information. A loss of confidentiality is the unauthorized disclosure of information. It includes the ...

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    3 Explain Security Mechanisms

    Security Mechanism

    A process (or a device incorporating such a process) that is designed to detect, prevent, or recover from a security attack. The mechanisms are divided into those that are implemented in a specific protocol layer, such as TCP ...

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    4 Explain Security Services

    Security Services:

    A processing or communication service that enhances the security of the data processing systems and the information transfers of an organization. These services are intended to counter security attacks, and they make use of one or more security ...

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    5 Types of Security Attacks

    Security attacks: Any action that compromises the security of information owned by an organization. These attacks are classified as:

    1. Passive Attacks

    2. Active Attacks

    enter image description here

    Types of Security Attacks

    1. Passive attack (emphasis on prevention rather than detection): Passive attacks are in the ...

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