Lesson 4

Digital Signature Schemes and Authentication Protocols


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    1 RSA Digital Signature Scheme

    RSA digital signature scheme

    • RSA idea is also used for signing and verifying a message it is called RSA digital signature scheme.

    • Digital signature scheme changes the role of the private and public keys

    • Private and public keys of only ...

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    2 El-Gamal Digital Signature Scheme

    El-gamal digital signature scheme:

    • This scheme used the same keys but a different algorithm

    • The algorithm creates two digital signatures, these two signatures, are used in the verification phase.

    • The key generation process is the same as that of EI-gamal ...

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    3 Schnorr Digital Signature Scheme

    Schnorr digital signature scheme:

    • The problem with EI-gamal digital signature is that P needs to be very large to guarantee that the discrete log problem is interactive. The recommendation is a p of at least 1024 bits. This could make ...

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    4 Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

    Digital signature standard (DSS)

    • DSS uses a digital signature algorithm (DSA) based on the EI gamal scheme with some ideas the schnorr sheme

      enter image description here

    Where, $S_1, S_2$: signatures

    D: alices private key

    R: random secret

    M: message

    ($e_1, e_2, p, q ...

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