Explain various transparencies need to achieve in Distributed Systems?

It's generally 10 mark question appearing in Mumbai University exam > Distributed System

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Different Transparencies in Distributed System

Access Transparency:

• It means that user should not be able to determine whether a resource is remote or local.

• The Distributed System should allows users to access remote resources same as local resources.

• It the responsibility of Distributed System to locate the resources and to arrange for servicing the user request in a user-transparent manner.

Location Transparency:

• The user should not be able to determine where resources are located.

• The two main aspects of location Transparency

Name Transparency :

• It should mean that name of resources should be reveal any hint to physical location of a resource

User Mobility :

• The user should not require to use different names to access the same resources from different machines in system i.e. user can freely log on to any machine in Distributed System.

Scalability Transparency:

• It allows the system to expand in scale without disrupting the activities of the users.

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