What are the components of ATM? Explain in brief.

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  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is the cell relay protocol designed by the ATM Forum and adopted by the ITU-T.
  • Cell Networks: ATM is a cell network. A cell is a small data unit of fixed size that is the basic unit of data exchange in a cell network.
  • ATM is a switched network. The user access devices, called the end points, are connected to the switches inside the network. The switches are connected to each other using high-speed communication channels. Figure1 shows an example of an ATM network.

Virtual Connection: Connection between two end points is accomplished through transmission paths (TPs), virtual paths (VPs), and virtual circuits (VCs).

  • A transmission path (TP) is the physical connection (wire, cable, satellite, and so on) between an end point and a switch or between two switches.

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  • A transmission path is divided into several virtual paths. A virtual path (VP) provides a connection or a set of connections between two switches.
  • Cell networks are based on virtual circuits (VCs). All cells belonging to a single message follow the same virtual circuit and remain in their original order until they reach their destination.

ATM Layers: The ATM standard defines three layers. They are, from top to bottom, the application adaptation layer, the ATM layer, and the physical layer as shown in Figure2.

enter image description here

AAL Layer: The application adaptation layer (AAL) allows existing networks (such as packet networks) to connect to ATM facilities.

AAL5: AAL5, which is sometimes called the simple and efficient adaptation layer (SEAL), assumes that all cells belonging to a single message travel sequentially and that control functions are included in the upper layers of the sending application.

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