What is the for need for Network Security?

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > Advanced Networking Technologies

Marks: 5M

Year: May 14, Dec 13, Dec 11, May 15

  • Most people think security violations come from outside their network i.e from Internet and professional hacker
  • Network security is all about identifying real risks to network and making proper security decisions
  • Security is like insurance policy for business -The cost of deploying features should be less than a cost of a potential security incident
  • A hacker is an independent minded computer enthusiast who purposes freewheeling intellectual exploitation of computer system
  • A hacker understands the internal working of a computer systems and its totally engrossed in computer programming and technology
  • A cracker has same interests as hacker but illegally accesses computer systems for fun, profit and gain
  • Script kiddies normally have very few skills but case a large percentage of damage done on Internet. They download prewritten tools from Internet to run attacks on networked system.
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