Discuss OAMP with respect to network management

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > Advanced Networking Technologies

Marks: 10M, 5M

Year: Dec 14, Dec 15, May 15, May 13, Dec 11, May 12, May 11

  1. Operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) functions form the cornerstones of managing a network
  2. One of the best example of network management functional model is the OAM&P model
  3. Operations: Involve the day to day and often minute to minute care and feeding of the data network in order to ensure that it is fulfilling its designed purposes. It also involves comparing measured performance against objective and taking corrective action and involving maintenance
  4. Administration: Involves the set of activities involved with designing the network, processing orders, assignment address, tracking usage change management and accounting
  5. Maintenance: Involves the inevitable circumstances that arise when everything does not work as planned or when it is necessary to diagnose what went wrong and repair it.
  6. Provisioning: Involves installing equipment’s and facilities, setting, parameters and verifying that the service is operational. It also involves de-instalment.

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