Define ton of refrigeration. If the COP of a 1.5 TR window air conditioner is 3.3, calculate how much power will the compressor consume?

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Marks: 6M

Year: Dec 2014


Ton of refrigeration (TR):

1 TR is defined as the heat removal rate so as to freeze 1 ton (1000 kg) of water at 0°C into ice at 0°C in twenty-four hours. In actual practice, one TR is equivalent to 210 kJ/min or 3.5 kJ/s.

Different types of systems used for cooling of aircraft cabin:

  1. Simple air cooling system
  2. Simple air evaporative cooling system
  3. Boot strap air cooling system
  4. Boot strap air evaporative cooling system
  5. Reduced ambient air cooling system
  6. Regenerative air cooling system

We know, C.O.P.= $\frac{(3.5 * \text{capacity})}{(\text{power consumed by compressor})} \\ 3.3=\frac{(3.5*1.5)}{(\text{power consumed by compressor})}$

Therefore, power consumed by compressor=1.591 kW

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