How to write effective one page resume?
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Little known secrets of writing effective one page resume which can land you a job.

Do you know.. How long recruiters spend looking at your resume? 6 seconds. Pause.

Either your resume reaches YES pile or gets thrown away to NO pile. So the only goal of your resume should be to get you that YES pile. This is where most of the people go wrong. They think resumes are made to get them a job, actually resume made to get an Interview.

Read carefully here on.. bcoz if you miss a point, your resume might not be an effective resume.

As part of my job as Founder at Ques10, I read hundreds of resume. I have analyzed one such resume and added my comments.. have a look.

Effective one page resume writing analyzed

Here's how I have rewritten it. It might not be the ideal resume but surely effective resume.

Effective one page resume writing corrected

This resume looks so much cleaner and eye soothing. Isn't it?

The keys to write effective one page resume are listed below:

1. The Length matters

2. Eye soothing presentation

3. Name and Contact info at a glance

4. Clear purpose of writing resume

5. Relevant academic details

6. Emphasize your skills

7. Crisp previous project details

8. Call to action*

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